NBA Playoffs in Full Effect

Watch out for Lethal Weapon 3… the Boston 3 Party… The PGA Tour… (Pierce, Garnett, Allen) whatever you wish to call those 3 All-Stars pictured above actin’ fool but having fun. I saw this clip a rack of times in the highlights and finally caught it. I figured I’d do take it off the DVR and do a quick capture of it to my laptop. Anyway, you better believe that I’m amped up. Being a Celtics fan hasn’t been easy the past 20 years. You all know how bad my squad was last year and the years previous. But I’ve never once stopped being a true fan. Know that I will be watching every single game like it’s their last. Hopefully they can put an exclamation on what has been an incredible season.

Oh and ummmmm… for the naysayers out there who wanna talk trash about me being a bandwagon fan, check this out. It’s a Jeff Hamilton leather Celtics jacket that I’ve had for over 15 years. Although it’s slightly smaller on me now than it was back in the days and I won’t ever wear it again…. it aint goin’ no where. Dig on that!!!!

How do you see the NBA playoffs & Finals shaking out? You aint even got to ask me. I’d love to see my squad take on the Lakers and bring back that old rivalry.


G. Mo

3 thoughts on “NBA Playoffs in Full Effect”

  1. I’m no bandwagon rider.. you know how I feel about my KNICKS.. hahahaaa and I understand your PAIN of your CELTICS in the past.. 🙂 I would DEFINITELY like to see ya’ll ride this one out and man if they bring back that Laker/Celtic rival THAT WOULD DO WONDERS for the NBA right now..

    Shoot.. I’ll even make beef patties, curry chicken and all that to watch the finals.. party at your crib? LOL

  2. I am loving that animated gif… it actually makes Ray Allen look like he has a personality.

    anyway… I do hope the Celtics go all the way… KG definitely deserves a championship before he retires and if they dont do it this year… I think its a slim chance he’ll get another chance.

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