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So it’s Monday morning and after a long weekend, I’m tired as hell. I’m not fatigued from partying or anything, I’m just getting old aiiight. Now normally on mornings like these when I have to sit in long staff meetings, I grab a Red Bull. However today I’m trying out a new product, it’s Inko’s White Tea Energy drink. Now I’ve been a huge fan of Inko’s White Tea’s for a lil’ over a year now. I’m famous for picking up new products when shopping at my neighborhood health food store and one day their products caught my eye. I realize that I drink way too many juice products which contain high fructose corn syrup and so I’ve been doing my best to cut back. Their product does not contain that evil ingredient. I’m not gonna even front, I spend a good amount of money every month on their white teas now. They’ve got a lot of flavors and I’ve had almost all of them. Although I really like all the flavors I’ve tasted, my two favorites remain the white teas infused with Blueberry and Honeydew respectively.

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Anyway, back to this Inko’s White Tea Energy drink. I was fortunate enough to receive some samples of their new product which has yet to hit the open market. I guess you could say that I’m a one man focus group. I sat at my desk, cracked it open and drank the entire can within about 10 minutes. The one thing that I really like is that it’s not carbonated. All the other energy drinks I consume from time to time are carbonated. After taking a couple of swings, I can dig the taste. It kinda reminds me of a lemon tea with lil’ bit of ginger in it. Now anybody who knows me knows I love ginger anything. I love ginger ale, ginger beer, gingerbread, ginger snaps and any other kind of healthy ginger drink. I can taste a lil’ bit of the ginseng and guarana, but it’s not overpowering. This is pretty good as far as the taste goes. But the true test is whether it’s gonna keep me awake and alert. Time for my Monday morning meetings… we’ll see.


Okay, it’s been a few hours and to be honest I forgot that I was even sleepy. Now I’m not going to attribute everything to the energy drink, but it sure did give me a pick-up. After sitting in the first meeting for close to an hour, I did a good amount of running around the building. I wasn’t running literally, but you got what I’m saying. I’ve drank products that tasted good that didn’t even raise my eyelids when I was sleepy. I’ve also had energy drinks that tasted awful that got me so wired that I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. This stuff right here tastes pretty good and didn’t overwhelm me as far as taking over my body. It gave me a lift and I didn’t even think twice about it. That’s a good thing. Lord knows I had days when I used to take Ephedra when tired and I thought I was going 100 miles a minute, but when I slowed down I felt like I was trying to run in a peanut butter pasture.

So overall, I give Inko’s White Tea Energy drink two thumbs up. I’ve got one more can left and my next test is to take it with me to the movies when I go to a late show. I fall asleep in movies during matinees. It doesn’t matter what the movie is, those chairs get real comfortable. I’ll just have to see how this one works in that environment. That’s a real test right there.

Anybody else drink these sort of drinks for that pick me up in the morning or before working out? Please, no discussions of Starbucks or coffee cuz that stuff is nasty!!!

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  1. LOL @ that drink.. I’ve never tried those.. I try to stay away from “energy” drinks.. but I do like Fuze.. and I drink those often.. especially on Saturday am when I teach at 8am.. I drink that with my breakfast in the morning 🙂 LOL

    my favorite is tangerine/grapefruit but I had to stop drinking it because the grapefruit interacts with my meds 🙁 another good one is banana colada and peach/mango.. yummy!

    now where can I try these REGULAR teas at not the energy drink?

  2. @ Bklyn Diva – I get the regular Inko’s White Tea’s from MOM’s (My Organic Market) on Rhode Island Avenue in College Park MD. They’ve also got stores in Columbia MD, Alexandria VA and Rockville MD. I’m telling you that if you start drinking em, you’re gonna love em.

  3. I don’t drink sports/energy drinks at all. I do mostly water and real fruit juice. I find the water gives me more energy than anything.

    I see you updated your blog roll. I’m a regular reader of your’s, too…

  4. I’m not into “Energy Drinks”, but I think I’ll try the teas though. I’m a water drinker and add lime for flavor. Sparkling mineral water (like Pellegrino) is great for an energy boost too and it gives your body the trace minerals you can’t always get. Thanks for the tip G.Mo.

  5. tea??? ur supposed to be talking about how you love everyone you met over the weekend.. lol

    i’ll have to try that tea one day.. cause i’m ALWAYS tired at work

  6. Well I will be the first to admit I am an energy drink addict.

    Of course it all started with Red Bull, but I have a few others that are my favorite.
    I enjoy: Full Throttle, Bawls, Monster, and AMP. I tried Tab (the girly energy drink) and it’s nasty.

    As you can see I have an obsession, but I truly feel like I have wings…LOL
    Every thing has its side effects. Coffee is no damn better. So I figure might as well get wired up on the energy drinks and knock out a fabulous day.

    I wanna try Inko’s…

  7. cool.. i’ll hit up MOM’s either round the way or while at work.. Alexandria I know where its at but its a drive from my office..

    college park and columbia are both close.. I’m in the middle..

  8. I am not into energy drinks. I drink one cup of coffee in the am. It’s a must have.

    And coffee is NOT nasty. Red Bull…YUCK!

  9. I’m a big arizona tea person

    I drink the Green Tea with Ginseng and honey or ginseng and plum juice…it’s SO banging! i drink those for a pick-me-up but i’ve had most of the arizona tea products and I haven’t been disappointed with any of them

  10. Imma have to check it out…let me also say that you are a hus’ler fo real…how did you “get samples” of somethat that “has yet to hit the market” WHAT? LOL I so love you swagger for the products…

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