“Next time you write about Steve McNair, drop your stone”

“…Next time you write about Steve McNair, drop your stone. Next time you text somebody, drop your stone. The next time you Twitter, drop your stone.”Bishop Joseph Walker III


I think at this point we’re all aware of the circumstances surrounding the death for former NFL QB Steve McNair. I don’t think I need to expand upon that any further. I decided to watch his memorial service on my laptop last night. While watching the it, the words from his pastor Bishop Joseph W Walker of Mount Zion Baptist Church of Nashville really hit home in so many ways. If you’re familiar with the story in the New Testament of the Bible, religious leaders brought an adulterous woman to Jesus and suggested to him that she be stoned. The story can be found in the 8th chapter of John. Read the 7th verse of that chapter where Jesus responded to them “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone”. That aint nothing but the truth folks.

I kinda reflected for a moment on my life. None of us are perfect and we’ve all made mistakes. Sadly the ones made by Steve McNair ended with tragic consequences. God forbid any of us have our lives put on display and salacious activities we’ve promise to take to our graves are revealed.

I didn’t know Steve. I had never met him, but he always seemed to be smiling when shown on TV. From the testimony of friends at the memorial service last night, he was a good brotha. He did a lot to help folks from contributing time and money to the Boys & Girls Club to assisting Hurricane Katrina victims. It is very apparent that he touched many lives in a positive way.

From what I saw on the football field, that brotha was a warrior. I still recall a Tennessee Oilers vs Baltimore Ravens game I went to in ’98. McNair ran for a 40 yd touchdown in that game. He had many TD’s runs like that exact one throughout his entire career. It was something to see live from the 20 yd line. Back in the days when I used to wear jerseys a lot, I copped a Titans #9. Best believe I rocked it. No one can deny the man’s contributions to the game of football.

I figured I’d share the web stream I had saved from my computer from the memorial service and uploaded Pastor Walker’s eulogy in its entirety. I had to break it up in 4 parts to adhere to YouTube standards of 10 min or less. Anyway, here it is. Listen to the words that were spoken.

The circumstances of what led to the death of Steve McNair aren’t good… but God is still good!!!!

Read Proverbs 3:5,6 & then holla at me….

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

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  1. Glad you decided to keep writing since I just found you not long ago!

    Enjoyed the Michael Jackson Memorial Book and also the post about Air McNair. I'm a Mississippian, and I have to say I was disappointed in everything that has been revealed since his death. It really begs the question, do we ever really know anyone? Especially a "star?" None of us are innocent though, that's for sure, thanks for bringing that point home.

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