Oatmeal is nasty!!!!!!!

For the life of me I cannot understand how people eat oatmeal in the morning. As a kid I hated it and I refuse to even try to eat it now. It’s just nasty as hell!!!! It’s just a gray nasty lumpy mush that sticks to the bowl. It looks like it has already been eaten… kinda like leftovers in ya fridge. When I see the box of Quaker oats in the store, I just frown. I know some folks who eat nothing but oatmeal in the morning and it’s unbelievable to me. They put butter or cinnamon or raisins or brown sugar or rack of other stuff in it. Nasty is nasty and you can’t change that by adding a bunch of stuff to it. The heck with oatmeal… gimme some Cream of Wheat!!!!!!

On a side note: I love me some oatmeal raisin cookies!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Oatmeal is nasty!!!!!!!”

  1. Your crazy, Oatmeal is great!

    And here is the proof…

    More than 40 scientific studies that have shown that the cholesterol- lowering effects of eating oatmeal every day are best observed when oatmeal is consumed as part of a low saturated fat, low cholesterol diet.

    In the November 2004 issue of Men’s Journal, oatmeal is listed as a “fat fighting” breakfast.

    Health Magazine recently named Quaker Instant Oatmeal as “One of the Best Breakfast Foods for 2005.

    In October2004, Fitness magazine featured Quaker Oatmeal as a healthier alternative to CREAM OF WHEAT thanks to its heart health benefits of soluble fiber.

    In the October 2004 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, oatmeal is included in a Seven-Day Eating Plan to help people loose 20 pounds fast.

    So take that!

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