Oh No… Not T.O.!!!!!

Maaaaaan… I’m disgusted right now as thousands of Cowboys fans should be. I just finished watching the press conference where Jerry Jones announced that my squad has signed Terrell Owens. Now, everyone knows how talented the brotha is on the field. It’s just the off the field stuff that could give any normal person a migraine. We’ve seen this act in San Francisco and over the two seasons that he spend with the Philadelphia Eagles. This guy is the wife beater who keeps getting married again. His first marriage was with the 49ers and although tumultuous at times, it wasn’t extremely bad. However that marriage ended in divorce. From there he went on to what looked like the best situation possible in Philly. Jeffrey Lurie and Andy Reid figured that they could rehabilitate the Ike Turner tendencies in Terrible, ooops I mean Terrell. Things went very well the first season as the Eagles made the Super Bowl with T.O.’s help. However it was after the Super Bowl ended when the domestic violence began. T.O. began jabbing McNabb and the organization and from that point it only escalated. The small punches in the shoulder turned to black eyes which turned to broken bones. In the middle of second marriage, the Eagles filed for separation and a protection order. Owens and his best man Drew Rosenhaus challenged the protection order, however the judge upheld the original stay away order. So, as in everyday separations, each side had their story. However it didn’t much matter. The Eagles completed the divorce process earlier this week.

So here comes Jerry Jones the owner of America’s Team. He’s in dire need of a groom for his struggling bride. He see’s T.O. and knows just how well he performs, yet he’s well aware of the domestic violence issues in his past. He throws caution to the wind and decides to present Terrell with the perfect engagement ring, a nice fat new contract. Terrell is no fool, he takes the ring with the bright smile of a million dollar karat ring. The best man Rosenhaus just sat back cheezin’ like he’s supposed to. Right now I’m sick. I’m pissed off. I’m angry. This dude is the epitome of selfish. I’m not talking just about T.O., I’m talking about Jerry Jones. They do both deserve each other. Maybe it will be a marriage made in heaven. But right now I’m not tryna be a member of the wedding party. I don’t want this clown on my team. he disgraced The Star. All I see is that chump running out to the center of the field and George Teague poppin’ his azz. I’ll watch that clip over and over and over again.

I had to look no further than the comments posted on the website of the Dallas News to verify that I’m far from alone in my thinking. Cowboys fans are angry!!!!

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