OJ sends his regards


When you drive your car off of a cliff into the Grand Canyon, the car explodes and you walk away from it without a scratch, then you’re supposed to ride off into the sunset. Orenthal didn’t do that. His ignant azz wanted to sell Direct TV cards, gloat in folks faces by playing golf ere’day, make pornos and write books talkin’ bout “If I Had Done It”.


I have no sympathy for this dude. As skilled as he was on the football field in his Hall of Fame career, he’s just as stupid for his antics over the past few years. Good riddance…


*goes to watch the Naked Gun and old Hertz commercials on YouTube*

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

2 thoughts on “OJ sends his regards”

  1. he was SO SIMPLY for that one…i can’t believe he couldn’t keep himself out of trouble!!!

    That’s all the Goldmans wanted!

    PS you’ve been tagged!

  2. I’m witchu on that. Enough is enough. I’m just sick of seeing his big waterhead ass on TV. Why didn’t that bastage go into some kind self-styled exile for the rest of his life? Be glad you dodged the death penalty. Nawwwwwwwww…that nucka trippin’ on some memorabilia. For real? BYE OJ!

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