Ooooh… Owwww

Help!!!! My whole body is throbbing from head to toe. I got soreness in my thighs, pain in my back, aches in my arms, a mild headache and more things that I can’t even tell ya cuz I can’t think straight. Now, why am I suffering the way I am at this moment? One word… basketball. It’s that season for me to get out and start balling again and I’ve played summer league for 3 straight years now. I’ve been slacking a lil’ bit in my diligence to get on the court, okay a lil’ more than a lil’ bit. Anyway, last night I went over to a gym in Takoma Park to run some ball. I got home from work and changed up into my Celtics basketball gear. As I was driving to the gym I ate a banana, drank a protein shake and took some energy pills. Now that was my first mistake. The pills that I took has Ephedra in them. I don’t need a lecture right now on that okay, I know what those pills have done to some folks, I was being stubborn. I get to the gym around 7:30 and started ballin’ around 8 or so. My had a tight squad and we ran those cats up and down the court every single game. My shot was off terribly, but I made up for it with crisp passes on the break and tough defense. I even had a few blocked shots and fought for rebounds over guys almost a foot taller than me. I’m 5’9” aiiiight. So 10:30 rolls around, I’m sweating like R. Kelly in a kindergarten class. I had drenched 2 shirts and you’d a thought I had taken a dip in the pool.

As I headed home, I called my baby to see what she was up to as I was rolling down the avenue. When I got home, I took a looooong shower. It was definitely needed. I was still sweating as the water fell upon my skin. I had to switch from hot to cold just to cool off. After I got settled, I sat down and watched a lil’ bit of TV. But then I started to shake uncontrollably. My hands started to tremble and I felt like I was about to pass out. It was the same feeling that I had once before after taking a few more doses of energy based products than I knew I should’ve. At that moment, I knew I shouldn’t have taken those Ephedra capsules to increase my energy. I was a mess. I was talking fast on the phone and didn’t know what the hell I was saying. I felt out of control. I began to shake even more and more. My head, my hands, my feet, everything. I tried to lay down and ended up getting out of the bed and walking around the house. To make matters worse, my body was starting to ache. Awwww maaaan… this was terrible. At about 1am, I drank some Noni juice and got back in the bed. I set the timer on the TV and fell asleep while the reporters from ESPN talked about how idiotic Roethlisberger of the Steerlers was for the motorcycle accident. I awoke around 6:45 and could barely move. But thank God I was no longer trembling. Today has been a day from hell. I’m so sore. I don’t wanna be sitting here at this desk. I just wanna go home, get in the bed and watch the Mavericks cool off the Heat.

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