Aiiiight. About a week or so ago I figured I’d be settled back home enough by this time to sit back and write a new entry detailing my excitement over the Celtics victory, a re-cap of my trip to Vegas and answering questions posed by fellow bloggers. Wrong!

– The office is crazy as I’m trying to catch up from a week gone. The number of meetings I’ve been in the past day or so has been ridiculous. Most importantly, I’ve got a lot a of deadlines and a proposal to complete by COB Friday.
– Every vendor I met at the conference is calling me for one thing or another.
– I’m still feeling the effects of the west coast to east coast transition and am kinda sleepy.
– I’ve got so many pics of stuff from my trips and all of my nieces birthdays, I haven’t had time to upload them all from my camera to my web space.
– We received the 1100 or so original wedding pics on a disk from the photographer and now gotta find a way to make copies of pics for family members. I’m making contact sheets, so they can pick the ones they want. But it’s like 25 pages of 40+ pics per page.
– My car is actin’ up and wants to play “I don’t wanna start now” games occasionally. Plus, I gotta slow leak in my driver’s side rear tire.
– The kids in the neighborhood are out for the summer and think our cars are cool places to sit on, rub their dirty hands on and bounce footballs off of. So I had to play the mean old man a day after I got home.
– Ere’body in the world is lookin’ for tickets to somethin’ and I’m tryna re-adjust to being in ‘Hustleman’ mode.

Did I say that I’ve been tired as hell? Anyway, I’ll be back. Hopefully in the next few days. The most likely scenario is for me to return with an entry on my trip and my Celtics winning, followed up with another entry a day or so later with answers to the Ask G.Mo segment. I might need an entire week to answer ones already posed. Good gracious, some of y’all are serious!!!! So for those who haven’t asked anything yet, go on ahead. I’ve got a few emails on top of the ones posted here and I might need more time to answer them all with proper detail. I do get long winded and am not real good with short answers. What can I say? That’s just me. Last chance to get into my brain cells if you wanna know something. Trust that with the questions I’ve already been asked, that the entry in response will be a very long one. I’m gone til prolly Friday or sometime this weekend most likely.


G. Mo

5 thoughts on “Overwhelmed”

  1. First time at your spot. Im glad i still have a chance to particpate in the ask a question session lol.

    What made you say to yourself that your wife was the one for you? How did you know?

    Being a woman what are no-nos that women should avoid when it comes to men dating and to marriage?

    What do guys think about their friend dating someone that they have had sex with? Do guys care? Do you think anything serious could develop from that?

    One more, is it ever acceptable for a girl to date a best friend of someone she has slept with?

    thanx for the question answer post.

  2. I enjoy the commentary here so don’t apologize for long windedness. I also enjoy the photography because it captures just as much detail. Funny how overwhelmed can still turn into a substantial post of blog-worthy fodder. I see you opened the door to Pandora’s box and seeing I’m new here I will go “soft” on you.

    (My) question: I see you wear a wedding band. Do you (men) look for the same tell-tale signs in women passerbys?

  3. if you don’t take your time adjusting…LOL
    i know the feeling working a convention is just as hard as attending and west coast v. east coast time i am still tired and i have been back a week now so i totally can feel you on that one!

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