Peace… Love… Happiness

my nieces standing by the tree right before they destroyed the gift boxes

Had the family over to my house on Christmas day. This is my first Christmas in the new crib. Felt kinda good to be in the Christmas spirit this year. Hell, I can’t tell ya the last time I even really cared about Christmas fa real. But this year was special for so many reasons. For the first time in quite some time, I feel at peace with a lot of things. This peace has transformed to happiness and thus, those in my life who I love and care about dearly didn’t have to deal with the Grich (me is years past) this holiday season. When you wake up smiling and are truly happy, you try to make those around you happy as well. That in a nutshell is what make my Christmas so enjoyable. To be happy, to be at peace and to spread love to those who are close to you.

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