Pepper Spray Madness

This is the second part of my Caught on National TV series. Yes, not only did ABC capture me celebrating the Eagles touchdown, but they really got me the second time around. While at the Eagles-Redskins game that night a fight broke out in the stands. Now keep in mind that the game is still going on, but most people in the section turned to watch the fight. PG County police jumped in and brought some order to the situation, so I decided to turn back around and watch the game. Well when I turned back around I saw players walking off the field. I looked at the scoreboard and there was still a lotta time on the clock. My first thought was “Damn, the Redskins threw in the towel” The next thing is see is a bunch of people coughing and wheezing and hollering. I see the Eagles players holding their faces like somebody let off a stink bomb in the stadium. At this point I have no clue what is going on. I didn’t smell anything. My cell phone rings and my man Leon is like “Yo man… why you looking all stupid on TV again?” I’m like “What’s going on?” He explained to me what the announcers were saying during the broadcast, but it didn’t really make sense to me at the time.

Eventually after a short time, word got around that PG police let off some pepper spray in the crowd during the ruckus. Hell, I’ve been to many Howard University homecomings, so pepper spray doesn’t bother me. But the fact the EVERYONE around me was coughing and choking and I didn’t smell or feel any effects from it seems kinda funny. But after seeing the footage over and over on the news that night, I felt like an idiot. Not only did the local news here in DC replay it, but so did a LOT of media sources. I was on ESPN Sportscenter, HBO’s Inside the NFL and ABC’s World New Tonight. I had people coming up to me talking about “You’re the dude who got pepper sprayed at the Redskins game” I had folks on messageboards I frequented making threads about how they thought they recognized me from the incident. These are folks who had never before seen me in person and had only seen pics. The shit was crazy. I was like an instant celebrity for some nonsense. Folks who saw me at the mall for the first time in years hollered out “Maaan… I aint see ya since that pepper spray thing at the Redskins game“. I not only was the clown that got caught celebrating the touchdown, but also the fool who was not feeling effects of the pepper spray while everyone else was choked up. I still haven’t lived this incident down and figured I’d make light of it since my boyz still trip off of it every once in a while.

I did find a few articles that talked about the incident that occurred that night. – Eagles, Redskins interrupted by pepper spray NFL – Pepper spray in stands causes MNF delay
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