Play Ball!!!!

Baseball comes back to the DC area tonight and I’ll be up in the place to enjoy this historical moment. The Washington Nationals will be playing their first home game tonight. Look, I’m not gonna sit here and act like I even cared if DC got a team cuz as long as I’ve watching baseball, the only team in the area was the Baltimore Orioles. It’s kinda weird to even contemplate the possibility of having a team here. Right now they’ll be playing at R.F.K. Stadium and the only events I’ve attended in that place are Redskins football games, Diplomats soccer games (early 80’s) and a few Budweiser Superfest concerts. I dunno what it’s gonna be like seeing baseball in that stadium. My last memory there was having a cup of beer thrown on me by a Redskins fan after the Cowboys smashed the Redskins 31-7 in 1994. I kinda miss R.F.K Stadium cuz I used to always go there just to antagonize Redskins fans. Being there tonight to root for the home team is gonna feel kinda funny. Now I’ll cheer for the Nats every game that I attend this season… that’s until they play my squad, the NY Mets. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but since I was a kid I’ve always liked the Mets in the National league and the Angels in the American league. I could never really get into the Baltimore Orioles for some reason.

So after work, I’m gonna hop on the Metro’s Orange Line in VA and catch the train to the stadium in DC. Now I haven’t been on the Metro in years, but there’s no way in hell that I will even attempt to drive there. Traffic is gonna be off the hook!!! It’s bad enough that George Dubbya is gonna be at the game cuz Secret Service is gonna be pattin’ folks down like we’re boarding Air Force One. I can already imagine how long it’s gonna be to get into the stadium. Oh well… once I get in there ere’thang will be cool. I’ll have my digital camera so of course I’ll come back with a ‘few’ shots. Being that I’ll be chillin’ in the upper deck they won’t we as good as a lotta my football and basketball game pics are. Gimme a few months and I’ll have a hook-up on the tight baseball tickets too. Actually I do have a hook-up, but since I’m not a die-hard baseball fan, I’m not pressed to sit on the first base line or nothin’. Anyway, tonight I’ll be a part of history. It’ll be the first baseball game being played by a DC team since Sept. 30, 1971. No wonder I never saw DC baseball, I wasn’t born until 1972.

With all that being said… play ball!!!!!!