Promise and Hope

Those were the first words that popped in my head when I saw this. The powerful photograph above was taken at rally for Barack Obama in NC. It is part of a collection of photos from Time Magazine entitled Behind the Scenes with Obama – TIME photographer Callie Shell trails the candidate through the final hours of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries. Do yourself a favor and just take a glance through some of the images.

I don’t talk much about politics, but best believe that I’m a Barack Obama supporter. In looking at the photo above, I was reminded of photos that I took while attending the Million Man March on Oct. 16, 1995. The photos from that day showed unity and promise as do many images taken from across the country where Barack Obama has spoken. Yes, it appears that a few of the persons in the pic are not old enough to vote. So what? More often than not, the images that we see of our Black youth are of violence, something associated with celebs and entertainment or where someone is holding a ball in their hands on a field or court. Look in their eyes. Something about that pic just says promise and hope.

We talk so much about younger generations lost with all the nonsense out here. However, I’m sure that there are just as many youth out here doing positive things and educating themselves on the goings on of our country. If you haven’t done so already, please make sure you use your God given right to vote.


G. Mo

7 thoughts on “Promise and Hope”

  1. wow!

    I saw someone today with a VA license plate that read OBAMA 08

    Not only black people love Obama but Whitee people do too! I really believe this man can bring about change. This is just the start of it! That pic is awesome!

  2. definitely a lot of young people out here doing positive things and being encouraged…getting them involved now will have them invested to vote later! So i totally agree!

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