Pure Energy in D.C.

Maaaaaan… I had the time of my life last night. The first time in my life experiencing a baseball game in the District of Columbia. I could’ve done without the US Secret Service holding up the lines into RFK Stadium or the DC School Board protestors crying out for money to be spent on education and not a new stadium for the Nats. Those were a few diversions at the beginning, but nothing could take away from the magic of this night. The weather was perfect and I got to my seat just in time to catch all the meaningful festivities. The excitement and the energy was just awesome. The President threw out the first pitch. Almost everyone in the place was rockin’ the team colors or National’s paraphernalia. Flashbulbs were poppin’ all night long. Fans cheered and stood up everytime that the home team took the field. Kids were there with their parents to embrace history. Naw, I’m not just talkin’ bout the game, I’m talkin’ bout the Godfather of Go-Go. Chuck Brown performed ‘Bustin Loose’ during the 7th inning stretch maaaaaan. Now my D.C. folks know about Chuck. Folk were up in that joint hollering “Wind me up Chuck“. Anyway, the entire atmosphere was incredible. Although I had to stand in line at the concession for almost an hour (from top of 3rd inning to bottom of 6th inning)and they ran outta hotdogs and a lotta other stuff, I still enjoyed myself. The Nationals won the game over the Diamondbacks 5-3 and this is indeed a night that I will never forget.

My pics from the game

USA TODAY article – D.C. celebrates victory as baseball returns

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