R.I.P. to the Cowboys season

Aint got too much to say on the way the ‘Boys season ended at the hands of the Giants. What else can I say? It was a blown opportunity for a team that had a great season, yet one that stumbled down the stretch and it showed yesterday. Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? Not at all. I think I’m more surprised at T.O. defending Romo in the press briefing at the end of the game. Not saying that he wasn’t going to stand up for Tony, but to show the emotions that he did. Somewhere both Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb had simultaneous heart attacks upon seeing Owens show emotion like that. The dude who did nothing but talk bad about them is showing that he does have some heart and care for his team mates. I think he’s probably bi-polar, but that’s a discussion for another day.

With all that being said, I did have one memorable Cowboys moment this year. It was when my wife surprised me at our reception with a Dallas Cowboys garter. Now, she’s a die hard Redskins fans, so this showed me that she did love me… just a lil’ bit… lol. So, on such a sad day for Cowboys fans like myself, I needed a pick-me-up… and here it is. Tell me that’s not love right there. I was celebrating like I had just got drafted and signed a multi-million dollar deal. I needed something to give me a smile today and seeing this again definitely did it.


Props to my man Marcellus over at TVM Productions on the quality of our wedding video and capturing some memorable moments for us. He and his guys did an incredible job. The animated gif is something I made while playing around with some video avatar software. Maybe I’ll YouTube the clip later on or something so folks can hear the audio. Anyway, I’m gone…………..


G. Mo

4 thoughts on “R.I.P. to the Cowboys season”

  1. Well if Romo didn’t hop over to Mexico with…

    Naw, I ain’t even gonna jump up that band wagon. Folks on that one can’t carry a tune.

    It happend, plain and simple. They played, the tried, they lost, and now they go home. It’s the playoffs. It be like that sometimes.

    Go Chargers!

  2. i’ve been avoiding sportscenter since sunday after the indy game. when my ‘boys lost, i damn near tossed the tv out the window.

    i’m so traumatized i’m considering not even watching the super bowl out of protest for my teams not making it. man FUG the giants AND the chargers AND new england.

    i’m aiight with green bay though…

  3. sunday was just a day of raelly disappointing endings…you know i LOVE my skins, but my honey-like you, LOVES the cowboys, so i was right there with him hoping you guys took it…

    the video is awesome! imma have to steal her idea if i am ever so fortunate, or if HE is ever so fortunate to take that step…

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