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Thought of the day:

With Allen Iverson on the trading block, will he soon become a member of my Celtics and be known as Allen Irishson??? Danny Ainge better not give up Gerald Green to get him though…



The rest of the ramble:

Why am I not mad that the Cowboys got destroyed by the Saints last night?

Wasn’t it great watching a class act like LaDainian Tomlinson break the NFL record for TD’s in a season yesterday?

Will a weekend ever pass where I don’t go to Costco?

Why is this full glass of cranberry juice still on the nightstand from last night? Should I drink it?

When will I make Grandma’s Pistachio cake, now that I’ve gathered all the ingredients?

Why did Superfresh have a buy one, get one free on Turkey Hill? How soon before I tear into this Egg Nog ice cream?


Will I ever stop being lazy and finally put the Christmas tree up?

Why is Blunt Ashes the best joint off the Nas Hip Hop is Dead album? Did you know that Chris Webber (yeah, that C-Webb) produced that track?

Why is Sunday newspaper still wrapped in plastic?

How did I forget that I had already loosened the top on the salad dressing and went to shake it and spilled dressing everywhere in the dining room from the carpet to the chairs to the wall?

How much will I enjoy my last 5 days going into this job? Will they try to work my nerves or let me have peace? Does it even matter?

Will I get my next two shipments of Elmo’s today from Toys R Us & Fisher-Price? Can I sell them as easy as I did the other night?

Why does this pic from Friday nights company Christmas party make me laugh? I’mma miss those cats from the mailroom…


Awwww maaan, I forgot to take out the trash last night… should I put my shoes on this time??? lol

I’m out……


G. Mo

12 thoughts on “Random Ramblings”

  1. “Wasn’t it great watching a class act like LaDainian Tomlinson break the NFL record for TD’s in a season yesterday?”

    Yes it was. I’m really diggin’ that Cats attitude. I hope youngsters are taking notes. THAT’S how professional athletes are supposed to act.

  2. Why is it that I don’t care that the Skins lost?

    I wonder where Allen will go as well?

    Why is it that when you go to church and tithe and do what you KNOW is right, you week just starts off that much better?

    Why is it that this Kirk Franklin “Hero” CD OFF the HOOK?

    Why am I doing “whys” on YOUR blog instead of my own?

    Have a GREAT week GMo…take teh trash out, WITH shoes on…and just get through your last 5 days at the job…

  3. They would be fools to trade Green. He dunked in the Suns faces Friday and hung on the rim. It was great!

    Eggnog icecream, huh? I may have to check that out.

    If you have to ask whether or not you need shoes, then I see you haven’t learned your lesson…tsk, tsk, tsk…

    I’m over here trying to imagine salad dressing all over the place…LMAO!

  4. I would love to see Allen in a Timberwolves jersey. Him and Garrett would be fire. Then I heard on Sports Center “Phil Jackson said don’t count out the Lakers getting AI”. That can’t happen! I’m not a Laker’s fan but I’m a big AI fan!

    LaDainian is a class act! Love him!

    Egg Nog ice cream? Never heard of it. I wonder since I don’t like egg nog would I like the ice cream?

    You might as well throw that paper away b/c that’s old news now.

    I’m laughing too at the prison pose! LOL

  5. ladanian is aiight until i see him in the fantasy playoffs, then we got a problem.

    and i wasn’t mad about my ‘boys either, although they betta represent this week when they play the falcons or i’m gonna be PISSED.

    egg nog ice cream? DUDE…I’M SO ON THAT.

    and are the cats from the mailroom in some kind of gang?

  6. LOL at that photo!!! my company party was Saturday night but whew.. no comment..

    Umm egg nog ice cream.. what is it with men and egg nog ice cream?? cause damn if my hunny don’t like it as well as egg nog.. but he prefers my homemade egg nog but will drink it from the store LOL

    anyway Ladanian did da damn thing.. and Iverson.. WOW.. I never woulda thunk it..but hey that’s how it goes.. now if only the damn Knicks would take heed and do the same thing!

  7. man, that ice cream is da bomb. Here’s what I did with it, poured some kahlua and a splash of navan in it, blended it and sipped it like a milkshake. Try it; you’ll love it.

    your other randoms are funny and my daughter is an A.I fiend so I asked her what she’ll do now for a team, she promptly replied, “I’ll go where he goes!” Nuff said.

  8. @ Virtuous36 – I did throw my kicks on that night and the toe is healing fine. The guy kneeling down is D-Ruck

    @ Missy – Yep, the jail pose with the ringleader dead in the middle. Turkey Hill is gooooood!!! Oh yeah, the hell with the Patriots.

    @ Terry – You’re right. I love LT’s spirit and his approach to the game. He’s one of the guys who truly deserves all the accolades.

    @ T.C. – Skins suck… Iverson still hasn’t been traded… starting off the week in church is the best way… haven’t heard the Hero CD, might have to check it out… I dunno why you’re doing your rambling here, but it’s cool… I put shoes on to take out the trash…. and the week has been great thus far, thanks

    @ Dynasty – So far, so good cuz Green is still on the roster… check out the ice cream, it’s like dat!!!…. I’ve learned my lesson, I think…. The salad dressing everywhere wasn’t a pretty site at all; I had to clean up that mess…

    @ Thoughts of a Southern gal – T-wolves are wack; they had their chances years ago and squandered them… Gotta love LT… If you don’t like egg nog then don’t eat the ice cream… that paper is still in plastic on my floor, lol….. me and the fellas were having fun that night, so we went old school with it

    @ 1969 – That sounds good!!!! I’mma have to try that

    @ nikki – If you’re facing LT in fantasy football playoffs, let me offer my condolences… yeah, the ‘Boys had betta beat those Pigeons… grab some and let me know if it’s a good as I’ve proclaimed…. lol @ mailroom cats in a gang

    @ Bklyn Diva – no comment on your party, why not???…. hey hey now about the ice cream, I got that love for egg nog ice cream from mom, it’s not just for the fellas… LT did it didn’t he and ummmm (you know I’ve gotta rub it in) didn’t my Celtics beat your Knicks twice in the past 3 weeks??? Yep!!!!

    @ BluJewel – Awwwwwww maaaaaaaaan, you’re killin’ me. I’ve got both Navan & Kahlua in the house. I’m gonna have to try that milkshake ‘very soon’. Your daughter doesn’t have AI pics and posters all over the place does she???? lol

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