Reality Sets In

So I’m feelin’ all good after having this surgery and all right? Of Course!!!! But I tell ya, these hospital bills are coming in daily and it’s getting on my nerves. I’m sayin’… I know that having a $4000 procedure wasn’t gonna be free, but damn! Every penny counts ya know? I’m tryna continue to save my dough, but I’mma have to squash these medical bills before these fools start ringing my phone off the hook. Ya know what I’m talking about. The calls that you get 5 minutes after you come home from a long day at work. The “Hello Sir… you owe us $ _______ for a medical procedure that was performed” type phone calls. Why is that you always get some smart azz on the phone that wants to talk to you like you’re in kindergarten. Just once I wish that the chump on the other end of the phone would think about talking that craziness in my face. Bill Collectors are the biggest jerks after dealing with insurance people.

Everyone has had a moment in their lives when they wanted to strangle their car insurance rep. Especially after an accident or an incident like having your car stolen or broken into. Them folks don’t ever try to pay up. Aiiight aiiight… I’m starting to rant here. This is more than just some regular medical bills to me. I know I gotta pay, but I feel like if the doctors had diagnosed me properly way before now, then I wouldn’t have paid all those other bills for procedure that didn’t really improve my health. I guess I’ll have to chalk this one up and start writing checks. But I think I’mma do it next month, cuz they’re some Wizards games I wanna check out within the next month. I’m addicted to sports and if the Wizards need my support, then the medical bills can wait. Ghetto mentality… Yes! Will I lose an minute of sleep knowing that I’ll pay these hospital bills when I’m ready… No!