This is one of those times when I have stuff to talk about, but I don’t feel like typing. So I’ve decided to flashback to my first year of blogging. I started this blog on Sunday, December 05, 2004. It’s amazing to me that I’ve almost been at this for 2 years. Actually I’ve been doing it much longer, but I was maintaining a blog on another website prior to this and just decided to do my own thing on my own website. Anyway, I looked over my entries from 2005 and picked out 10 that kinda stuck out to me as some of my favorites. So on a lazy Monday like today, if you’re one of those folks who happened to come across my website/blog for whatever reason, but wasn’t about to dig in the archives to read older stuff. I’ve taken the liberty and linked some of my most memorable posts of 2005. I’ll be back with some of my favorites from this year thus far in a future entry.

Caught on National TV

Pepper Spray Madness

My first pair of Air Jordans

Tribute to a True Friend

Uncle Greg goes to the Zoo


Uncle Greg as Spiderman

Charitable Donation

Still on the grind

These knuckleheads around my way

4 thoughts on “Reflections”

  1. I took a much needed MHB (mental health break) and read them ALL. Yeah, I needed a break real bad! Anyhoo, Uncle Greg Goes to the Zoo, almost sounds like a children’s story along with Uncle Greg as Spiderman. I think it’s beautiful how you spend time with your nieces. The football ones were aiight; I’m not into football. Crooked was cute and I know somone with the same condition. The Knuckleheads proved you can never get away from them. Men and their Jordans; what else can I say?! What you did for Katrina was great and what you received was wonderful too. Navan in the pies huh? I just like it straight outta the bottle with a little ice to chill it. Nice touch though. Tribute to a True Friend broke my heart. I hope I never go through something like that, but I applaud your tribute to preserving the memory. I should show it to a few “friends” of mine who can’t seem to keep communication alive.

  2. @ Rahman – Yeah, it’s therapeutic in so many ways

    @ Stiltwalker – I’m not sure how I should take that… but okay, lol.

    @ BluJewel – I am truly amazed. You actually took time to read ALL of them back to back to back???? Wow!!! Glad you enjoyed a few of my memories.

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