Aiiight… after a long, drawn out weekend I’m back to work. I actually wanted to come back to work cuz sitting up in the house was drivin’ me crazy!!!!! But maaaaan… it’s like an iceberg outside. I mean it’s really freezin’!!! I went to Mickey Deez (a doctor’s no-no) to get a California Chicken cobb salad (see… I can eat healthy) and I pushed the button for my window to go down and that joint didn’t budge. It didn’t even move. You’d a thought that my battery was dead or somethin’. So I had to open the door to place my order. The wind was blowing so hard that the door almost came off. So I get up to the window to pay and the chic at the window looks at me like I’m crazy when I open the door to hand her the cash. I dunno what she said in Spanish to the other cashier, but I think they were clowning me.

Of course, being that I was at home ’resting’, I didn’t even get a start on my Christmas shopping. I’m not really in the spirit anyway, but I always get something for my immediate family members. I figure I’ll get a few gift cards and some other things and try not to be too much of a Grinch. Right at this moment my Moms is chillin’ somewhere in ATL. She jumped on a plane yesterday morning and got the hell outta dodge. I don’t blame her cuz she needed a get-away from home for a while. Mom always gives her time and energy to everybody else, but never seems to take a moment for herself. I’m actually glad that she decided to be selfish and roll out. Now, I just gotta figure out what to get her for Christmas.

Although not really in the Christmas spirit, I’m still looking forward to this weekend. My ace partner is flyin’ in to DC from LA tomorrow and I know we’re gonna kick it for a few days. I aint seen my man in a minute and it’ll be good to have him back in the area for the holidays. I know he’s hatin’ the west coast, so we gotta at least hit up summa our old stompin’ ground spots while he’s in town. There’s a helluva lotta sports to watch also. Even though my Cowboys have been stinkin’ up the joint, I look forward to them kickin’ the ‘Skins down as they always do. That would be a Christmas present in itself. They already got em once this season, I just need em to take those chumps out for the last time. The last thing I wanna hear next week is those punk ‘Skins fans all up in my ear talkin’ a rack of BS. For all that trash I talked for the past few months after Dallas won here in DC, I know that I’mma have to cut my cell phone off if my ‘Boys don’t pull it out.