Rock The Bells was off the hook!!!

Incredible show at Merriweather Post Pavillion!!!!

-Rakim showed why he’ s still in the game. A lyrical assassin.
-Ghostface and Raekwon were hot. There were definitely a lotta Wu-Tang lovers in the house.
-De La Soul took me back with joints I rocked to 20 yrs ago.
-Method Man and Redman had mad energy and were wildin’ out. Cats were all out with the folks diving and crowd surfing.
-Pharcyde was cool. I aint know a lot of their songs though, just the main ones.
-Mos Def was aiiiight. He’s a lot better with Talib.
-Tribe Called Quest ripped it. The thought Q-Tip was gonna have a seizure for as much as he was movin.
-However, Nas killed it!!! His set was unbelievable. I haven’t seen a crowd that hype in a long time. I was either reciting lyrics, bobbin’ my head or pumpin’ my fist the entire time. Hell, it was most often a combo of all three.

Some will ask why I only saw those cats. Well, we got there at 3pm or so and I knew the show was gonna last til like 11pm, so I passed on a few of the other cats that started off the festival at noon. Lucky I aint fall asleep after we ate the huge breakfast after church around 1pm. I had to keep my eyes open… LOL.

Anyway, right now my ears are ringing like crazy from standing in the pit dead in front of the stage though. I loved it though and wouldn’t trade the experience for nothin’. I might think differently at my 10am meeting in the office when I’m saying “huh?” to every question asked of me… but whatever. It’s all good.

Took so many vids & pics that my camera battery died… sorry I only got a few shots of Nas & Tribe… no vids of them at all… guess I need an extra battery huh? It did last me like 6 hours though, so I can’t be too salty.

Here’s a few vids and the pic gallery… I’ll add more later… goin’ to bed now…

Rock The Bells Pics

Vid snippets

De La Soul w/Q-Tip


Mos Def

Method Man & Redman

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

5 thoughts on “Rock The Bells was off the hook!!!”

  1. You took some good photos, so you definitely right up there where the action was. I figured you’d have good shots of Red and Meth, since they were all over the place during their performance.

    Also, I’m LMAO @ the videos you shot. They reminded me of that episode of What’s Happening where ReRun had that tape recorder in his coat, trying to bootleg the Doobie Brothers concert!

  2. You ain't neva lied! Easily THE hottest show I've been to in a minute…and I go to 3-4 a month so that's saying something.

    I think you got there at a good time. I think the best thing you may have missed was the host Supernatural RIPPIN the mic to shreds freestyling. And DJ Scratch tearing it up on the ones and twos. Made me nostalgic for real.

    I was out on the lawn because I needed my cooler (with my fried chicken – LOL!). We PARTAYED out there for real right on up to the end. It was like a Hip Hop Woodstock for real.

    I agree with your assessment. Meth & Red, Nas and Tribe were the highlights for me – although I enjoyed the entire show. Some cats I was just more into than others. And I am happy that so many of them showed Dilla love.

    I'm mad they had Afrika Bambaataa on the sideline stage. What's up with that?! And is it me or is this Wale cat overhyped? I hear he's the toast of the town but I wasn't feeling him.

    Oh and yea, I now own 3 batteries and 4 memory cards totaling 32G of space. I killed all 3 batteries. LOL!

  3. see I missed out again!!! mommy duties called.. but its all good.. I’ll be there on Sat 🙂

  4. Looks like n amazing time… tonight I’m going to K. salaam’s album release party and a lot of these cats should be in the building performing with him…. I cant wait!

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