Sex & The City: Women losin’ their @!#?%! minds!!!

I realize that I’m probably gonna get a lot of heat from the women on this one, but whatever. The panic frenzy involving the release of the movie this week is ridiculous. I mean, is this movie like y’all Super Bowl or somethin’??? I mean dayummmmm. It had to have been close to a year ago when the announcement was made about the HBO series returning, but to the big screen this time. Ever since that day I’ve had to endure Sex & The City this, Sex & The City that on the homefront. From re-runs on TBS to the revival of episodes through On Demand to the entire collection on DVD, my wife has covered all bases. I’m surprised she hasn’t adapted the opening theme song as one of her ringtones.

Now anytime I’ll joke about it, shake my head or scowl at the site of those 4 broads on a TV in the house, my wife always has a rehearsed answer. I’m always reminded of my intake of non-stop ESPN, NBATV, NFL Network and other sports programming on the tube. The thing is, that aint the same. I NEVER watch ESPN Classic where they show old games. Once I’ve watched a game, I’ll check the highlights and it’s over. Thus, watching episodes over and over and over of the same thing seems redundant to me. Some might say, “Hey G.Mo… you have DVD’s of Good Times, What’s Happening and Sanford and Son, plus you watch those reruns, so how is that different?”. Those are sitcoms that I can relate to and I can’t compare my enjoyment of viewing those with women and the fascination with Sex & The City. Sorry… aint gonna even do it.

Wife done sketched out an itinerary for her girls and what not like it’s some kinda top secret mission. Go out for Martini’s at this time, meet up and see the movie at a special location at that time, then go to the diner after the movie is over. Is it really that serious??? Y’all got tailgating plans like folks do for Sunday football games??? You gonna dress like em too complete with the high heels they wear 24/7. Hell, why not make a real night of it and leave the car at home and take a taxi around the city. You wanna do it up right? I know there’s probably over a million Evite invites being sent from women all over the world for this very important event. Now I had a female friend try to compare the anticipation for this movie the way I looked forward to The Wire each Sunday for the past 6 years. Let me tell you this. Never once did I call my boys and be like “Aiiiight… let’s meet up on the block. I’mma be Avon, y’all are gonna be Stringer, Marlo and Bodie”.

But ya know, it’s whatever. Everybody has their vice. I’m not hatin’ on the show. If you like watching the lives of women who live promiscuously with no shame, who indulge in materialistic and impetuous behaviors, but yet still wish to find their knight in shining armor, be my guest. Guess it speaks volumes on the freedom of women today. Some will say modern women, others will say garden tools. I’m not even trying to go there aiiiight. It’s just a show. But what I truly wonder is just how many women look at these chics as their role models. How the hell should I take it seriously when the primary love interest is Det. Logan from Law & Order? Aint he about 60??? That’s like me getting excited about Rollo falling in love with Aunt Esther. Hell, at least they got Jennifer Hudson up in it. Let’s see how her acting skills are after Dreamgirls.

At the end of the day I love my wife and respect her individual choices… except that burgundy and gold uniformed football team. Although she has no clue, I actually did try to get some tickets for her in NYC for the actual premiere, but was unsuccessful. I even entered in some contests for premieres elsewhere… failed there too. So, she’ll just have to settle for the DC shows here on Friday. Ya know, with all the hoopla, I’m actually interested in seeing how the movie turns how. I mean, with all the influence around me I have soaked in a lil’ bit of it I guess. French martini’s go well with any TV show…. lol. I told her that since she’ll be pre-occupied with the ladies for the Girls Night outing that evening, that I had a plan for all the fellas left behind that night. We’re all going to the strip joint. Haven’t been to The House on Georgia Ave in a while. Might as well enjoy some sexual chocolate in the city at one of DC’s finest hood spots right?

*hears crickets chirping outside the window*

*looks over and sees wife sleeping peacefully*

*contemplates the enjoyment of living*

Then again, for the betterment of my health maybe I’ll just hit up the sports bar and watch Game 6 of the Celtics-Pistons series.


G. Mo

8 thoughts on “Sex & The City: Women losin’ their @!#?%! minds!!!”

  1. yes for the betterment of your health take yo arse and watch the game.

    Hey I took the day off on friday.. we are seeing the 1pm show, followed by shopping and drinks!!!!

  2. hahahaha… i love this…

    I think I am probably the only damn woman in america that aint all hype about this damn movie…

    we already know whats gone happen… BIG still aint gon marry her ass…

    I was never really into the show although I always loved her column at the end… I wish they would print a book with all her columns… because the dialogue was corny but the column had depth and put everything into perspective

    With that said though… my roommate joy is prolly gon drag me to the theater with her anyway this weekend

  3. Yeah I think the sport bar is a WISE choice *chuckle*

    And since you asked, there was in eVite in my inbox regarding a “Sex and the City” girls night out. Replete with dinner, drinks, movie and dancing. LOL. But why not, it’s not often the girls really get to do a night out.

  4. Funny, you sure did manage to find and “upload” clips from various episodes…

    And simply put, the entire series and all that it entails is strictly female entertainment…

    You wouldn’t understand… 🙂

    P.S. – I just might have to take you up on the cabbing it idea, since you put that bug in my ear! Don’t look at me funny when I ask you for the funds!

  5. Ok i’m mad I wasn’t invited…lol

    Anyway, you CAN NOT hate on SATC ok! Look at how you were on the WIRE. nuff said!

    p.s. I’m going to need to get my hands on some Alicia Keys Tickets….you wouldn’t happen to have any laying around would ya?

  6. LOL! I loved the end of your post! Wise man.

    I saw it twice. My job, Essence Magazine, gave us a special premiere before the movie came out..which is appropriate being that the majority of us are women who love fashion.. and then I went with my fiance. I laughed harder the second time around. I’d love to hear what you thought of it.

  7. How did you feel when Jordan retired…then you heard he was making a comeback?

    That’s how it is for us ladies.

    This show speaks to us in so many different ways. We can see ourselves and our friends in these characters. And we can also feel better about ourselves for not being in f*cked up situations like they get themselves into.

    It’s pure entertainment. Slutty, overindulgent, materialistic, hilarious entertainment and we love it.

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