Shameless Plug: Chris Rock tix

I might be on injured reserve, but I’m still hustlin’ y’all. On many occasions, I get a nice lil’ hook-up on games and concert tix. Well, not really on occasion cuz I suppose with regards to what I get, it’s quite regular. It’s more occasional that I actually pass along the good deals I get. Anyway, enough of the rhetoric. I got a handful of tix for Chris Rock’s Saturday night show in DC. All the seats are box seats, no orchestra or tier seats. Not saying that I can’t get whatever you want, but I have box seats in hand. Plus, box seats are much better anyway. You got a decent amount of leg room and plenty of space to move around. Plus, aside from an excellent view of the stage it gives you a nice view of all the bammas in house. This allows you to partake in your own clowning of those severely over-dressed folks, mismatch couples, ‘interesting’ hair styles, etc.

Chris Rock
DAR Constitution Hall
Saturday April 19th at 7:30pm

DAR Constitution Hall Seating Diagram (click to view)

Keep in mind that this show is sold out! Yeah, they might continue to add more shows, but you can take your chances with that if you like. Face value on the tickets ranges up to $75 depending upon the box you’re in. All my box seat tickets are located between boxes 1-24, all quite close… nothing further back Now, I hope you don’t expect me to actually sell the tickets for the same exact prices as Ticketmaster did… do you? C’mon now, I’m a hustla. This is my second job and I’ve got bills to pay too! However, if you’re interested feel free to shoot me an email or call 202-609-8607.


G. Mo

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  1. I think i am the only person in american not excited at all about this tour… I am give or take on chris rock… sometimes he is right on… and sometimes I’m like this nig aint funny, he just funny looking

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