Shameless Plug: Maxwell in DC

I’m gonna make this real quick. Maxwell is coming to DC. The man has decided to climb outta the cave and grab the mic again. Ladies… get a glass of ice water and calm down. Y’all be getting excited about this dude like lil’ girls running after Michael Jackson and his sequin gloved hand gripping that Pepsi can in ’84. I don’t get it, but anyway. Fellas, I know. It aint up to us to decipher. Just man up and take ya lady. I saw Maxwell back when I was at Howard U sometime in ’96 I think. He opened up for Groove Theory & The Fugees. Yeah, that long ago. If I recall, the admission was like 5 bucks. I remember ere’body in Cramton Auditorium laughing the dude’s attire before he even sang a note. His hair was wild, he had on plaid bell bottoms and some platform shoes. When I say cats were laughing, that’s an understatement. I recall hearing “Look at this bamma” more than a few times. I saw Maxwell again at this Vibe Magazine party in NYC in ’97. He’s aiiiight though. A good performer in my opinion. He’s been absent for a minute though and this is the brotha’s first tour in 6 years.

Now of course I got tickets. I’m not giving the tickets away, so no offers of face value or $3.77 on top of face ya dig? Ticketmaster does murder me with all the stupid charges ya know? Hell, I’ll probably just post the link to my seats on StubHub and then it’ll be easier for all parties involved. This is my hustle folks. This is what I do. As with all events, you can attempt to get better, more ‘economical’ seats through Ticketmaster if you desire. But I’ve got them… in hand! How do I continue to do this you ask? Ancient Chinese secret. Ha ha.

Maxwell with Jazmine Sullivan
Black Summer’s Night Tour
DAR Constitution Hall, Washington DC
Monday November 17 at 8:00pm

DAR Constitution Hall Seating Diagram (click to view)

For this show, I’ve got box, orchestra and tier seats. Box seats are always good for a much better view with decent legroom and space. However, you may elect to sit in the orchestra or tier. Your choice. If you’re interested feel free to shoot me an email.


G. Mo

4 thoughts on “Shameless Plug: Maxwell in DC”

  1. What’s up G-Mo? I read your blog from time to time and you have some pretty good posts. I see you keep up with the concerts and sporting events in the DC area and I see you’ve posted about the Maxwell concert.

    I’m not sure how much of a hip-hop fan you are (if at all) but there’s a concert going on tonight in Bmore featuring the hip-hop group Little Brother that is one of those “under the radar” shows that is guaranteed to be tight!

  2. Good lookin’ out. I definitely dig LB. Got all the undergrounds, the mixtapes and ere’thing. Tonight is bad for me though. However, the tickets for their DC performance on Oct. 26 at the Black Cat go on sale this afternoon.

  3. I knew you’d have the hookup. I’m passing your info on to a friend who was shut out of the decent seats to the concert. I on the other hand will be in Richmond four rows from the stage. *swoon*

    I’ll be at that LB show at the Black Cat too. Saw them last time they were here.

  4. The tickets were sold out in ny in a matter of hours… ugh… but lucky for me I have a couple label friends… so I got the hook up

    Now I was excited about the show… but then when I heard Jazzy was opening for him… I am ecstatic… I have been waiting forever for that chick to do a show in NYC… our show is the first week in Oct

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