Highlights from the game

That was the sound of Paul Pierce draining a last second basket for my Celtics squad against the Wizards tonight. I can’t even front, I had the time of my life tonight. As a Celtics fan I love being at games where I’m treated as the enemy. In fact, I revel in it! People in the stands spent the entire game talking trash to me and you betta believe that I taunted right back. I had to sit through all the nonsense from Wizards fans, but I was laughing thr whole time. I knew my boys were gonna pull the game out. Boston led for the majority of the first half, then the Wizards took control in the 3rd quarter. But my crew woek-up in the 4th quarter and made it a game. They ended up going into overtime and that’s when ere’thing really got good. Gilbert Arenas was ballin’ outta control. It didn’t matter who was guarding him, he kept scoring. So after baskets were traded between Paul Pierce hittin’ a three pointer and Gil coming back at Paul with a fadeaway jumper, it left 14 seconds on the clock for magic to occur. The Wiz were up 115-114 and everybody in the place knew who was gonna get the ball for the Celts… Paul Pierce. He got the ball after the entry pass was made and he dribbled at the top of the circle. The clock wound down, my heart started beating through my chest. he drove to the left side of the court where he was boxed in by two Wizards defenders. The time showed less than 3 seconds. Double P elevated, squared up and let the ball loose…… SPLASH!!!!!! All net baby!!!!! I jumped over the row of seats and jumped up and down on the two chairs in front of me like a big kid. I was hollering and what not while the whole Verizon Center looked stunned. It was unbelieveable. I’m sitting here now watching myself on ESPN Sportcenter jumping up and down like a fool. Yes, it was me. I was sitting three rows behind the Wizards bench. Trust me, no one else was gonna be jumping up and down like that with a Celtics victory. Awwwww maaaaan… this is crazy. I’m wide awake and not sure when I’m goin to sleep.

Leading scorers
Boston: Paul Pierce 31, Ryan Gomes 27, Wally Szczerbiak 23
Washington: Gilbert Arenas 39, Antawn Jamison 25, Caron Butler 23

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of both the Wizards and the Celtics. I was born and raised in the DC area and loved the Bullets(they need to change the name back). My grandparents lived in Roxbury, MA and I became a Celtics fan watching Tiny Archibald, Cornbread Maxwell, Bird, McHale & Parish. Anyway, whenever my two favorite teams go head-to-head… it’s all about Boston baby!!!

My pics from the game