The Diagnosis

wow… things in my life have changed dramatically the past few days. I went into ER at PG Hospital on Tuesday night cuz I couldn’t deal with the pain in my chest and on the right side of my stomach. After waiting around for close to 4 hours the doctors finally saw me. After running a number of tests including x-rays and a sonogram they determined that I was suffering from not just from the electrocution, but I also from gallstones. As I lay on the examining table, I’m thinking to myself “What the fuck!?” Anyway, they showed me the results of the sonogram on my stomach which showed these little pebbles in my stomach. Okay, so after they diagnosed me, they gave me some Percocet and sent my azz home.


I went and saw the general surgeon this afternoon about my situation. I expected him to recommend surgery based upon what the doctors said back in the ER. Well, what I didn’t expect was that he was gonna tell me that I needed to have the procedure done ASAP… as in tonight!!!!! Yes, I’m having my gallbladder taken out tonight. Now of course I have to be ghetto about things right? He wanted me to come to the hospital at 7pm and i told him that I had to take care of some personal business and could be at the hospital around 10pm. Well my personal business is really my visit to MCI Center for tonight’s Wizards-Knicks game. I’ve got some good azz seats and I’m not tryna miss this game. I’m like “Shit, I’ve been in pain this long, a few hours aint gonna kill me”. So as soon as the basketball game is over, I’m going to the hospital to have my gallbladder taken out. I hope and pray that this relieves a lot of the pain that I’ve had for the past few months. I had no clue that I had gallstones, but now I know that I need to eat a lil’ bit healthier. The procedure is called Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery and the doc gave me some documentation to read before I arrive tonight.

I’m only gonna be in the hospital for one night and should be back in the crib tomorrow afternoon. But because I don’t know how I’m gonna be feeling for the rest of the weekend after surgery, I’ve gotta sell my Eagles-Skins tix for the game on Sunday night. I was kinda looking forward to going to the game, but in this case I’ll put my health first. I called my man Todd and he said he would come get the tix and gimme the money for em, so at least I can sit home with the cash and watch the game. I’m still somewhat in shock about the turn of events the last few days. I never expected to be going into surgery Friday night to have my gallbladder taken out. I do realize now that God heard my prayer and has allowed theses things to happen in my life. I’m so happy about the truly knowing now where a great deal of my pain originated from. Now I’m just say one more prayer for the Lord to guide Dr. Saaid during my surgery tonight.