The emptiest feeling in the world

-Wake up at 5:45am in preparation for work

-Take a nice warm shower and get dressed in the business attire

-Pick up a banana, some OJ and a granola bar for the breakfast ride

-Grab briefcase for work and the gym bag for the after work flag football game

-Lock the door to the house

-Walk down the stairs and across the lawn

-Look up and realize that the car is gone

-Do a double take, utter a few expletives and walk back into the house

Here I sit, once again… I have no more words at this time

2 thoughts on “The emptiest feeling in the world”

  1. Heart goes out to you man. I recall a time (years back) when I was visiting friends in the Bronx, got up to leave the next morning to find a space where my car WAS the night before. I got towed and it was a mutha to get that ish back too.

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