The Grand Finale

It’s taken me a moment to put this entry together, primarily because I’ve been inundated with a lot of things. Anyway, a little over a month ago we celebrated the 3rd birthday of my youngest niece. Now, this was the third birthday party I attended for one of my nieces over a 6 week span. Once again I’d like to thank my sister for having them back-to-back-to-back in the months of April, May and June. Uncle Greg’s pockets get a little bit lighter during that particular time frame. Anyway, we started the afternoon off by taking all the girls to the Universoul Circus. Now, I’ve attended this before, in fact I took the girls with me last year this time. This year someone at Capitol Plaza forgot to turn on the AC. You wanna talk about a brotha sweating, it was hot as hell in there!!!! It was enjoyable as always, but folks were up in there looking for church fans with the wooden handles on em to try and keep cool. No wonder the line at the concession stand was long, folks in there were dehydrated. Can you believe that at one point, they didn’t even have any water? Yeah, it was like that. my two oldest nieces enjoyed the show. Although they couldn’t keep still to save their lives. The baby succumbed to the humid environment inside that tent and fell asleep shortly after the intermission. Don’t worry, she made up for it later at Jeepers.

Speaking of Jeepers (aka Chuck E. Cheese in the hood), that was the next stop after the Universoul Circus. We all piled in our respective cars and drove to Jeepers at Beltway Plaza. As I’m heading there the thought occurred to me, “who had the cake?” After a few calls I figured out that no one had a cake, so I popped by Costco and picked up one of those large sheet cakes that they had. Hell, for 15 bucks you can’t complain too much. Plus, the cake had some balloons and flowers and what not on it. So we get to Jeepers and the kids are already at play. That gave me time to set the cake down and have my sister throw a big 3 candle on top. Shortly thereafter we gather all the children and did the customary singing of Happy Birthday. No Black people we didn’t do it Stevie Wonder style, we did it the regular way. The cake was cut, the kids dug into it and ran off to play almost instantly after wiping the icing from their fingers. Now if you recall the first party at Jeepers, I got onto the kiddie rollercoaster and almost tore my knees up. Wisely on this occasion I let them ride by themselves.

The afternoon was fun-filled and exciting. I sat back after swiping a hunk of icing off the cake and reminisced on the day that each of those beautiful girls were born. They were growing up. They’re now ages 5, 4 and 3 respectively. It’s amazing to see them grow. An inner glow came upon me. I’m so glad to be Uncle Greg!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Grand Finale”

  1. Awwwwwwwww, look at Uncle Greg!!! Man, I remember when the birthday girl was born, look at her now! The girls are so pretty.

    Glad to see life is treating you well… Miss ya ’round EBL, too. It’s ShoNuff, in case you don’t recognize from da pic. 😉 I’m in Baltimore now, maybe I’ll run into you one of these days. *lol*

    Take care!!!

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