The Healing

Posted by Hello

Aiight… I’m back home after bring released from hospital this morning. Surgery was successful, but I’m in a great deal of pain. I’ve got 4 locations on my stomach where the doctor made incisions. The biggest incision is in my navel. Yeah, the doc basically drilled a hole in my belly button. I am officially without a gall bladder now as it was removed during the operation. I’mma be here at the crib chillin’ for a few days and the doc probably won’t release me to return to work until next week. As much as I’d like to sit here and surf the net for a few hours, I’mma bout to take my Black azz to bed and get some rest. Hopefully this soreness in my stomach will decrease as I take these antibiotics and pain killers. I look forward to being pain free after I heal from this. To find out on Tuesday that I had gallstones and then to have surgery within 5 days to remove my gallbladder still seems unreal to me. I’m just glad that the Lord shined his light down on me and allowed me to find out what was one of the causes of the pain that I’ve been dealing with. When I have more energy, I’ll come back and talk about exactly I went through from the time I walked into the hospital Friday night (after the Wizards-Knicks game) to the time when they released me. Anyway… I’m bout to get in this bed and since I can’t eat solid foods I’mma eat more Jello, more Chicken broth and more lemon Italian Ices.