The Verdict On My Knee Is…

Chondromalacia… which is basically the softening and degeneration of the tissue (cartilage) underneath the kneecap (patella). That’s what’s been causing my knee pain the past number of weeks. Trust that my kneecap has been shifting and causing me great amounts of pain. Hell, I can reach down now and move it around. It aint suppose to do that.

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I’ve known for a few weeks now and have been rehabbing in therapy 3 times a week for about 2 hours each session. But if the 6 weeks of rehab doesn’t help the condition, arthroscopic surgery will be necessary to repair the damage. I don’t really want that. My ortho doc is good and all, but… naw, I’ve had enough surgeries in my lifetime to this point. In fact, I have the same condition in both knees. It’s sort of an arthritic condition. I’m rehabbing the right knee and trying to prevent the left knee from becoming worse. Don’t ask me how that occurred, cuz I can’t tell ya. I get pains in the right knee daily, whereas the left knee only gives me pain a few times a year. But both the doc and the physical therapists tell me that it’s the same. MRI didn’t show anything torn, just minor deterioration.

PT is cool. The folks there are real chill and they’re very helpful in assisting me in regiments of exercise. Some of the stuff they’ve got me doing seems really weird, but I know that it’s done to help me strengthen my legs. The tell me that I’ve got tight hamstrings and that might’ve aided in my knees compensating for my legs not stretching all the way out. So you know they be havin’ a brotha all stretched out now right? But after the exercises they always hook me up with the electrical stimulation and the ice. Now that feels good!!! I need one of those machines at home.My spirits are good though. The pain has subsided greatly since the therapy sessions began. Main thing is that I need to stay off the stairs. I have a habit of bypassing the elevators in the office and taking the stairs a lot. I’ve got to curtail that somewhat. Here I was thinking I was doing well but not being lazy and catching the elevators all the time. Anyway, hopefully things will continue to look up and I won’t need to go under ‘the knife’. Wish me luck…

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

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