The Wire is back!!!

At precisely 12:01am on Labor Day morning I grabbed my remote control and directed it toward the digital cable box in my bedroom. I quickly located the On Demand menu and punched up The Wire #38 – Boys of Summer. This was the beginning of the 4th season and I couldn’t wait. HBO was nice enough to release the new episode on On Demand 6 days before it aired in it’s normal time slot of Sunday nights. Instantly I put away my thoughts of abandoning Comcast for DirectTV. To get The Wire each week 6 days before everybody else, was worth ‘some’ of the issues that I have with Comcast. It had been close to 2 years since The Wire aired the lat episode of season 3. I still had the vision in my head of Stringer Bell being blasted by Omar in that episode. I missed The Wire so much that I even downloaded Episode #37, edited the last scene and YouTube’d it. So as I link the clip here, I’m just stealing from myself.

Anyway, I sat in my room (after grabbing a late night snack to munch on) and watched the full 59 minutes of Episode #38. It was hot!!!! At this point I’m debating as to whether I’ll play the role of spoiler or not. Most of the folks I’ve talked to who love The Wire have found a way to see it by now. Some have On Demand, a bunch of others just downloaded it and watched it on their PC. At this point I must admit that I burned a few copies for some friends who didn’t have On Demand or the knowledge of downloading themselves. Those ‘friends’ helped finance my lunch this week. Thanks HBO. Well, I’mma give a real quick summary of the episode. If you don’t wish to read it, I suggest that you do not scroll down.


– Marlo is still runnin’ things. His henchmen Chris and Snoop (female muscle) are killin’ folks on the West Side, throwing lime on the bodies to make em decompose and hiding em inside vacant row houses and then boarding them up

Jamie Hector and Felicia Pearson on 'The Wire'

– Bodie is struggling as an indy dealer in one of Marlo’s hoods

– Prez (who killed a cop in Season 3) is an 8th grade math teacher at a West Side middle school

-Bunk aint changed a bit

-Daniels has taken over for Colvin

– Namond (Wee-Bey’s son) is running for Bodie. His boys Randy, Michael and Dookie deal with the streets and a rival gang

– Mayoral race between Mayor Royce vs Tommy Carcetti is heating up

– McNulty turned down a promotion and seems to be happy as a street cop. Meanwhile Kima is stepping up to deal with homicides

– Lex whacked Fruit cuz Fruit was messin’ with his girl

– Big boy Kevin sold out Lex and Chris & Snoop whacked Lex for whacking Fruit… too bad Cutty didn’t do it though after Fruit crossed him last season

4 thoughts on “The Wire is back!!!”

  1. After I painfully mourned the loss of my now deceased husband (Russell “Stringer” Bell), I was undecided on whether I’d continue to watch The Wire. After much careful deliberation, I decided I would seeing as I still had some love for a few other characters. I set the DVR up to record the series knowing that I may not stay up late to watch the episode as it aired. In spite of be rather tired, I stayed up to watch the season debut of the show and it hurt me to watch. I was bored and disappointed at the current story line and with the characters. I hope this isn’t an indication of where the season is going. I’ll give it a couple more weeks to see if things change, but if not, I will have to pull the plug.

    Sorry to hog your comments, but I had to speak my mind.

  2. I asked someone else on their blog, “what’s so good about The Wire?”

    The only time I watched The Wire was when I saw a few seconds of two lesbians making love. I don’t recall which season it was, but I was instantly turned off, and I thought it was some kind of gay show!! LOL. So I never watched it again after that.

  3. Imma TRUE BLUE WIre Fan…..except for that horrid Season 2 but I forgive them. One of the reasons why I have Cable now. Im glad they let the show go on after Barksdale incarceration and Dangelo’s and Stringers deaths. And u know what? MY boy has already seen all 13 episodes of the WIRE so far and said its some shit that damn near brought him to tears….shhhhhh…….

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