The World Is Falling Apart

I don’t even know where to start. Just the past few hours I’ve read some crazy stories. Stories that signify that folks are just plain nuts.

Mother In Denver Charged With Giving Oral Sex To Her 2 Yr Old Infant Son And Sharing Pics

Woman Dressed As Cow Arrested For Chasing Children And Urinating On Neighbors Porch

Man Strangles Invader Who Broke-In Home And Attempted To Rape His Daughter

Grown Man Punching 16 Yr Old Girl In Face In Line At McDonald’s

Teenage Boy Charged After Slapping A Girl On School Bus With His Penis

Man Arrested For Raping His 8 Day Old Daughter

Former Bronco’s RB Travis Henry Caught With 6 Kilos Of Cocaine

Now I know that these things happen everyday somewhere in the world, but still. The amount of sex crimes though, that’s really crazy. Just to read all of this makes me glad that I had some home training growing up. That doesn’t mean that I am or was perfect, but I’d like to think at the age I currently am, that I’ve risen above the nonsense ya know? I need to find some positive things to discuss now. This foolishness is depressing.

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

4 thoughts on “The World Is Falling Apart”

  1. ok that story about the mother giving oral to the 2yr old?? SHE NEEDS HELP!!!!!

    strangling dude for breaking into home and trying to assault daughter.. i’m not mad at him!!!

    the others.. crazy..

    you are right its well sigh..

  2. i kinda chuckled at the slapping penis one though… ha

    did she not see it coming towards her face… ha

    that was wrong but how does that happen

    going to read the full story on that one… whew

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