They’re baaaaaaaack again!!!

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Two down, one more to go. That’s what I said after the second birthday party was over. Once again we all gathered to celebrate with the girls. This time no huge outing at one of America’s favorite indoor playgrounds, but a more chill environment in the house. Regardless, the girls still had their fun and uncle didn’t have to go running after them every 5 seconds or re-uppin’ the token stash for games and rides. That in itself was more relaxing for me. One difference this time was the birthday cookie cake that Ma got for them. Now, never in my life had I ever eaten one of these things and I can safely say without a shadow of a doubt, I’ll never eat that again. You’re talking about a huge chocolate chip cookie laced with icing, atop another huge chocolate chip cookie with a layer of icing. Anyone who knows me, is fully aware that I’m a sugarholic. But this thing was waaaaaaaaaaaay to sweeet!!! My teeth started hurting from the first bite. I couldn’t even finish the piece sliced off for me. Even the girls were lookin’ like “What is this thing?”… lol. They ate bits and pieces and then got up to play as usual. They got some sunglasses and decided to play “I’mma superstar” for a while, so I snapped a few pics of that experience. Other than that it was your usual kid’s birthday party. One more to go folks… look out for that recap mid-June once that party is complete.



7 thoughts on “They’re baaaaaaaack again!!!”

  1. The girls are absolutely adorable!!

    The cookie cake definitely made MY teeth hurt just reading about it!

    Thnx for the warning!

  2. i want you to be my uncle!!! LOL

    and that cookie cake.. OMG.. I did that one year for my daughter and she quickly hit me with the mommy.. don’t you ever do that again ok.. I want my cake from Mrs. Maxwell’s please LOL

    THAT HAD ME DYING!!! and for you to say its too sweet.. then it had to be extremely sweet!!!

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