They’re baaaaaaaack!!!

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It’s that time of year again folks. I’ve got 3 nieces and their birthdays are back-to-back-to-back in the months of April, May & June. Last week was the first installment of The Birthday Partying Uncle for 2007. This go round we ended up at Chuck E. Cheese. It was a weekday night and thus it wasn’t crowded at all. Hell, I don’t think there were more than 15 people in there and 8 of them were with our group. So I had a ball playing the games with the girl, running around with them and being the honorary “Hey, gimme more tokens” guy. When I wasn’t trying to get them from cheating at skeeball, I was tearing up that Chuck E. Cheese pizza. Don’t front folks, y’all know how good that pizza is. I would’ve eaten more but I happened to eat pizza at work that afternoon for Take Your Child To Work Day since we had so many kids in the office.

All in all, we had a great time celebrating another birthday for one of my beautiful girls. Let’s see… that’s one down and two more to go. In fact, number two is this coming weekend. I’d like to thank my lovely sister once again for my bank account withdrawals during this 3 month period. Those trips to the toy store are a lot of fun though. I take them with me to get their gifts and this year we’ll do it again. We took a lot of pics and also I sat with each of them at the photo booth and had portraits done. One last thing though… is Chuck E. Cheese a mouse or a rat??? I say a rat. That’s one hell of a big mouse if that’s what they try and say he his. Oh yeah, I wonder what the E stands for in Chuck’s middle name. Don’t mind me, I’m just thinking a lil’ bit too hard now…



9 thoughts on “They’re baaaaaaaack!!!”

  1. Awwww…..happy birthday to the nieces. You are a good Uncle!!!!!

    Chuck E. Cheese is most defiitely a RAT.

  2. awww.. ur such a good uncle.. i wish mine were the same way.. but i guess there’s too many of us, for him to do that 🙂

    & chuck e cheese’s pizza is good as hell! lol

  3. LMAO.. remind me to invite you to the party in July LOL and Ummm I’m so mad at you squeezing into that chucke mobile LOL

    Dead @ you thanking your sister for the withdrawals from your account LOL 🙂

    you get the Uncle of the Year award!

  4. awww GMo I love it!!!!
    you look so natural with her…ok so we’ll give you and the wife about a year or two and then its time for lil gmo!

  5. too frikkin cute; all of you.

    your nieces will benefit so greatly from your active presence and role in their lives. i applaud you being a positive role model for them. you could teach your brothers a lesson or too.

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