Ticket Hustlers Have Bad Days Too


In my side biz of running tickets, I always try to look out for folks that I know and their friends and family. Last month I did a favor for a friend on some tickets and in return he said he’d look out for me on some other connects that I could benefit from. Little did I know that that one lookout on my part would bring on some drama this morning. But I think I handled it quite well based on the circumstances.

*8:14am – cell phone rings*

Me: Yo
Dude: Hello
Me: Yeah
Dude: Who is this?
Me: What… who is this!!!?

*dude hangs up*

*5 minutes later cell phone rings again… same number on caller id*

Me: Yo

*hears woman’s voice in background asking dude to chill*

Dude: Why my girl callin’ you playa?
Me: What? Your girl?
Dude: Your number is on her celly a lot the past month
Me: Aiiiight.
Dude: So why you callin’ her? Why is she callin’ you?
Me: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan… go head with that man
Dude: N***a you don’t know me. You bout to catch a bad one.
Me: Aiiiiight bruh. You finished?

*she continues to tell him to stop acting stupid… he starts going off on her*

Dude: Why you callin’ this n***a!!!??? Why this n***a callin’ you!!!!???
Her: He’s the ticket guy. Your birthday is coming up and I got Redskins tickets for the game against the Saints. It was going to be a surprise, but you actin’….
Dude: Huh?
Her: I said, he’s the ticket guy. Your brother gave me his number. That’s where I got the Jill Scott tickets from last month. Here’s his flyer for football tickets.
Dude: Oh

*comes back to phone*

Dude: Ummmm… my bad man. I ummmm. Sorry man.
Me: Happy Birthday


Peace & Love…

G. Mo

5 thoughts on “Ticket Hustlers Have Bad Days Too”


    that dude look sooooooooo STOOOOOOOOPID.

    with no trust, there is no love. i hope she recognize and takes someone else to that damn game.

    lmao@ “happy birthday”

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