Time to Reposition Myself


Over the past few days I’ve listened to Bishop T.D. Jakes in various interviews discuss his new book Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits and I’ve found his words quite inspirational. Now, nothing he said is brand new, but a number of things he said made the light bulb in my head come on. He talked about how people can jump-start their lives not only through their religious beliefs, but just as importantly, through faith in themselves. He said one phrase that really caught my attention though, “I believe you have a God-given destiny and you need to discover what that destiny is. Many, many times people define us by what we do. Don’t let people put a period where God has put a comma.”

I found out that he was going to be in DC area on Thursday and I decided I would try to catch one of his book signings. One in downtown DC at Border’s around lunchtime and another at Karibu Books at PG Plaza at 6:30. It was my intention to try and catch him at the Border’s, but I got caught up in work stuff and was unable to get away from the office. But when 4 o’clock came around I dashed from the office towards PG County. I got to Karibu about 4:45, bought the book and got my number which assured me a place in line. I walked around the mall for a while and window shopped, but surprisingly bought nothing.

Around 6:20, they made an announcement that he was en route and those with numbers lined up. The energy in the mall was incredible. Everyone was there for positive inspiration. I began to converse with those around me as we each talked about why he decided to purchase the book and attend the signing. It was refreshing to hear all the excitement that folks had there. A young brotha got on the mic and started singing a song and you knew right then that the atmosphere was going to be one of a spiritual nature. Bishop Jakes arrived, said a few words to the folks gathered in the center court of the mall and then sat down to sign the books. A group from First Baptist of Glenarden then assimilated directly in front of the stage and began singing. I tell ya, they had folks clapping and stompin’. At that point, PG Plaza turned into chuuuuuuch.


When my opportunity came, I handed a young lady working for Karibu my camera. This was a few moments before I walked over to the table, but she promised to take a picture for me. I arrived at the table with my book, shook Bishop Jakes’ hand and talked with him briefly. I didn’t say too much, only to let him know that his inspirational words on the radio were really what led me to be there. He laughed, cracked a quick joke about Donnie Simpson trying to have church up in the studio and that was about it. We shook hands again and I was on my way. He was genuinely a nice man and I could really feel his positive spirit. The young lady returned my camera to me and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had taken 2 pictures. I guess I was there running my mouth with Bishop Jakes even longer than I thought I was.


With all that being said, I suppose we each need something or someone to motivate us or inspire us to greatness. I know that on occasion I have a way of getting stuck in that rut where I begin to question “what am I here for?” or “is this what life is all about?”. For some reason I tuned into Steve Harvey’s morning show on Tuesday and Donnie Simpson’s show on Thursday. each time Bishop Jakes was on there with inspirational words. I really felt them inside my heart and just felt compelled to get the book. Now it’s time for me to read it.




7 thoughts on “Time to Reposition Myself”

  1. Read the book then live the Book.

    I’d love to meet Bishop. Each time he’s come to Phoenix he’s been at these huge mega churches and you can’t get close to him.

    That lady was an excellent photog wasn’t she?

  2. I heard Jakes on Steve Harvey’s show. I would love to meet Jacks.

    Yeah that lady did take some excellent photos.

  3. he is an inspiring man…imma have to pick the book up for myself as well as for a few good brothers i know…and share his words!

    thanks for sharing this

  4. This is so wild! I am literally talking on the phone & checking blogs. And my friend I am talking to on the phone (right now) just mentioned how she went to church this morning and T.D. Jakes was visiting her church talking about repositioning!! And then I get to your blog and this is your topic!

    God is ordering my steps!

    Lets get and stay in the right position!

    Take Care!

  5. T.D Jakes is a wonderful man and an awesome inspiration to those willing to receive the words. You’re fortunate to have met him. I’ll be getting that book.

  6. great post.. and mad I missed it!!! but that was along the time when I was in preparation but I digress.. that is on my to get list.. I have a lot of his books and you can tell he writes from the heart.. I met him 2x’s before.. and each time he was just as geniune as can be.

    Let me know what you think of it.

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