Two parties down… one more to go

One of my nieces turned 4 on Saturday and we had a huge party at Chuck E. Cheese yesterday. Now we just had a party for my oldest niece who turned 5 less than 2 weeks ago and within the next 45 days we’ll be having the third and last party for my youngest niece who turns 3. Yes, my sister has a lot on her hands. Whew!!!! Anyway, so I’m up in the spot with my digital camera taking pictures as I always do. There were a lot of people in there I swear. Scratch that, there were a lot of kids in there. Good Lord!!! My nieces and there friends were running around that joint like Energizer bunnies. I’d stand there for a minute and 3 seconds later they’d be on another ride on the other side of the play area. I’m sure glad that I had reinforcements yesterday. My sister was kind enough to invite a decent amount of people who could not only enjoy some cake and rubbery pizza, but to look after the youngins and supply tokens as well. Being the token holder is hard work. You got all the kids running over to you looking for the key to their next adventure. You betta have some coins in that cup, so they can get their ride on. Anyway, I’m sure if you’ve ever been to Chuck E. Cheese, then you don’t need me to write anymore about the atmosphere. Just sit back and enjoy some of the pics that I took.