Uncle G. Mo Solves Math Problems

Started out with the wife and I stopping by the house for a short time. As usual, I check to see what the girls were doing. The 5 yr old was running around doing something. The 6yr old was getting her hair done by my sister and the 7yr old was doing her homework. So a good uncle always asks if everything is good in school and if the girls have been behaving themselves. Well, my 7 yr old niece asked me if I could assist her with her vocabulary and her math problems. So of course, I obliged.

Vocabulary was easy. I was the spelling bee champion all through junior high and I love writing. Helping her put the 5 chosen words into sentences was easy. We did that and it might’ve taken 5 minutes. So that left the math problems. Let me be staight up here, math was my worst subject. I looked at the paper and shook my head. It was easy for me… now. But back then I struggled. It asked the child to count the coins pictured on the left and then write the correct amount in the column on the right. She had them all right and was down to the past problem.

There were two stacks of coins shown.The problem was asking her to take one single coin from one stack shown and give it to the other stack, so that both would be equal. As I was looking at it trying to figure it out in my head she hollered out “I got it”. She drew an arrow from the dime and moved it to the other stack. I looked at it and she was correct. She smiled, thanked me for helping her and gave me a big hug and kiss. I did help with the vocabulary words, but the math was all her.

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Moments like the one I had the other day make me smile. I’ve been working some long days the past few weeks and just seeing the bright faces on those 3 lil’ girls brings me joy and makes me forget about long days in the office. I’m glad my wife is good at math though, cuz when we have kids that’ll be her job. In fact, I wasn’t good at history, science or math. I’ll just teach the kids English, school them on playing sports and how to hustle. Yep, that sounds like a plan.

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

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