Uncle Greg as Spiderman

So, I go over to my sister’s for while just to check up on everybody to see how they were doing. I hadn’t been there for 5 minutes when I heard the familiar call of “Hey Uncle Greg” coming from the bedroom where the kids were. I walk over to the door and they all run over to give me a kiss, a hug and to give me ‘5’. They had so much energy and were hopping, jumping and running all over the room. I figured I do my customary duties and play with them for a few minutes. I donned the Spiderman mask that I saw lying on the floor and decided to play the role of the super hero. I hollered out in my loudest voice, “I’m Spiderman”. Boy, these kids didn’t know the difference between the superhero and the villain. They attacked me like I was the Green Goblin. I had to fend for my own as these rugrats drew plastic weapons and threw stuff at me. I literally was jumping around the room trying to get away from them. I ran around the room as each one of them chased me like I had a bag of Halloween candy in my hands. I got bopped in the head a few times and decided to call a truce. I pulled the mask off and hollered out “Hey it’s me… it’s Uncle Greg”. The chorus of them burst out laughing and they got in their last shots on the retired superhero.

I decided to pull out the camera that was in my pocket and take a ‘few’ photos of them. They all sat together, posed and said “Cheese” about 50 times altogether. Everytime I tried to put the camera away, they hollered at me to take one more picture. Eventually I got in the mix and took a series of pics holding the camera on all of the kids as well as myself. This entire process of taking pics must have taken close to 15 minutes. But it was a lot more fun than playing the role of Spiderman. I was about to get roughed up by those youngins. Anyway, after I was able to escape from the bedroom, I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. You’d a thought that I hadn’t had a drink for days the way I gulped it down. Those kids had wore me out. Life is not easy being a superhero…. lol.

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