Uncle Greg

One of the most enjoyable things in my life is the time spent with my nieces. No matter what day of the week I go over to the house to see them, they make me smile. It seems like yesterday when they were all infants and could barely walk and now they’re taking the world by storm. At the tender ages of three, two and one (Lord I don’t know how my sister does it) these beautiful young ladies provide so much joy into my existence. Whether they’re climbing on my back, stepping on my feet, feeding me fruit snacks or just giving me a big hug and kiss, I never get tired of spending time with them. Over the holidays I sat back and watched home videos that I shot of them when they were ‘babies’ and it almost brought tears to my eyes. I cannot believe just how much they’ve grown!!! I compiled a lot of footage and made a DVD for the family for Christmas. I’ve taken so many pictures of them with my digital camera, that I cannot even begin to sort through all of them. Whenever I walk through the door of the house and I hear the holler of “Uncle Greg“, a smile instantly comes to my face. When my days are long and hard and I feel like I’m ready to punch a hole in the wall, those are the days when seeing them cheers me up the most. It seems as though I’m always seeing something that they’ll love to watch or play with. If it aint the Care Bears, it’s Scooby Doo or Spongebob. Those girls never seem tired of watching movies and videos of their favorite characters. Uncle Greg does however struggle to stay awake during some of those kiddie flicks. Anyway, my nieces are on my mind a lot today and I’m not sure exactly why. Well… Yes I do. I wonder if they really know just how much Uncle Greg loves em!!!!

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