Wanna Get Away?




First off, you know I’m amped up cuz my ‘Boys squad came through last night. But one thing about this game continues to make me laugh. It was the boneheaded play by the Eagles WR DeSean Jackson. He’s a very talented playmaker, but what the hell was this fool thinking as he entered the endzone? It was something perfect for a new Southwest Airlines commercial indeed. But wait, it isn’t the first time me did something completely ridiculous when going in for a touchdown. This clown did something just as idiotic a few years ago during a HS game.



Last night’s ‘smart’ move




Score FIRST… then celebrate. He’s REAL lucky that none of the ‘Boys D scooped up the ball after he did that foolishness. He’s fortunate that the Eagles scored on the next play. Bryan Westbrook bailed him out big time. When Plaxico Burress did that craziness his rookie year with the Steelers, the Jags took the ball all the way back for a TD. He had caught like a 40 yd pass and got up all pumped and spiked it, but no one touched him. The Jags DB picked it up and took that joint to the house.

Regardless, the Cowboys were victorious in a very hard fought game 41-37. Obviously neither team played much defense until the Eagles last possession when my boys stepped up. Loved the play of Felix Jones and Marion Barber though.





I’ll take the W though. Best believe that I’m in a real good mood today. How Bout Dem Cowboys!!!???

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

2 thoughts on “Wanna Get Away?”

  1. The. Best. Game. EVER!!! Incredible…edge of my seat until the last second! AND my man was in the stadium reppn hard…*sigh* what a game…(Romo redeemed himself after that fumble..somewhat)

  2. I actually stayed awake through the end of this game, so the Cowboys better had won!! So, I was happy that I could come in to work and harass all the Skins fans about our win…lol. And the tomfoolery by ol' boy spiking the ball before breaking the plane…his coach needed to have him running laps & sprints for the entirety of their next practice!!

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