Weather’s nice, time for exercise… & a cupcake

Look, I know this is back to back posts about food aiiiight. But this one really isn’t about food. It’s about warm weather, exercise AND sweets. I don’t work too far from Georgetown, so I figured I’d take a lunchtime stroll down M St to grab a bite to eat, enjoy the warm weather and get those muscles going again in my legs. I saw something on the news about this new cupcake spot called Georgetown Cupcake and figured I’d see what it was all about. I checked out the website and saw that they had an abundance of different types of cupcakes. I set out to get at least a half dozen of them. Instantly I saw this vision from my wife looking at me and waving her finger like Dikembe Mutombo. I’m sayin, I was taking a good walk to get em… doesn’t that count for something. I was getting my exercise along the way right?


I get to this place. It’s on Potomac Street right off of M St. The first thing I saw was the line. I had to do a double take. The sign didn’t say FREE GOVT CHEESE on the awning. It said Georgetown Cupcake and there were a rack of folks patiently waiting to get their sugar fix. Now I was in the unenviable position of actually having to wait with everybody else. I couldn’t hustle my way out of this one. Well, I probably could’ve but I choose to enjoy the weather and the scenery of Georgetown students in the line. I must’ve waited about 15 minutes outside before I got into the spot.

Now maybe I’m just from the old school, but what I heard next almost made my ears bleed. A sistah that was in front of me, well a young Black lady (most likely a G-Town student) asked the craziest question. She asked the lady at the counter what Red Velvet was. Hold up shawty… you don’t know what Red Velvet is??? Stop playin’. I wanted to ask her where she was from (Iowa, Nebraska, Vermont maybe), but I’d a been ghetto about it and there were no other Black folks around. Thus, I let it slide with only a slight “Are you serious” look at her.

After a rack of folks got their orders filled and yes there were a rack of folks in there, I placed mine. 2 Red Velvets, 1 Coconut, 1 Coconut Chocolate, 1 Key Lime and 1 Vanilla. Hey hey, these are all for me aiiight. I’m sayin’, if I was going to get my sweet fix on, I had to cop some for the wife too. The damage… $16.50. Wow!!! That’s twice as much as I generally pay at Costco’s bakery and 1/2 of the total cupcake count of the typical dozen at that price. These joints better be good. I don’t eat chocolate that much since it gives me migraines, so I’ve make sure the wife gets the chocolate coconut one and whatever else she wants from the box. But rest assure that I will be eating that red velvet cupcake. That’s not real chocolate right? I mean, it’s red. That makes me feel better when popping that Excedrin Migraine after devouring red velvet anything. I’m over here giving myself flashbacks of a slice of red velvet cake from Amy Ruth’s in Harlem. Now that… that was probably the best red velvet cake I ever had that wasn’t home made from grandma or someone down south.

For those of y’all in warm weather areas… enjoy it. Get some exercise and keep that sugar low. Aiiiight.

Oh yeah, the walk was good too….. much needed exercise for the kid.


G. Mo

8 thoughts on “Weather’s nice, time for exercise… & a cupcake”

  1. Is that why the Key Bridge has been backed up for the past two days? Grrrrr…

    I’ve been FEENIN’ for some cupcakes. Let us know if they were worth it. Must.have.some.

    It amazes me when people ask what Red Velvet is. I never ate chocolate cake growing up, but I sure ate that!

  2. ehhhhhhhhhh… they were aiiiiight… nothing to write home about…. the red velvets were the best… my wife can make comparable ones, if not better

  3. That line is the reason I didnt go in there when I was in Gtown this past Sunday. And the weather wasnt even nice! Man, Ill get my cupcakes at Cake Love…where the lines are shorter…yeah….


  4. @ lola gets – Cake Love is NASTY!!!! Bought a cake for a Super Bowl party a few years ago and everybody hated it. I was better off stickin’ with my neighborhood Rollin’ Pin in Bladensburg, Tiffany’s in Iverson Mall or Desserts by Gerard in Oxon Hill. Oprah hyped up Cake Love and it’s wacker than wack!!!! All I hear in my head when thinkin’ about Cake Love is Flavor Flav hollering “Don’t Believe The Hype”

  5. Dayum them sh*ts do look good. I’d be the greedy mo’fo hiding from my kids in the closet trying to eat’em all for myself. The pics remind me of this place in Emeryville, CA called Tea Cakes (and they ain’t cheap either).

    . . . .and no I didn’t know what a “red velvet” was until about 6 years ago, don’t tell nobody. *chuckle*

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