Wedding Cake… 365 Days Later

What idiot came up with the bright idea for married folks to eat the wedding cake on their 1st year anniversary???? That joint is frozen for a year and we’re actually supposed to eat it??? That’s tradition??? Go to bed with a stomach ache or maybe something worse??? Well, it took me like 10 minutes to unwrap the thing with all the foil and Saran Wrap. I don’t know who wrapped it, but whoever it was needs a job at Planned Parenthood.

Without a doubt the cake was good during our wedding reception and for a few weeks thereafter. But last night??? Nope. We both took a few crumbs, about a finger full of icing and tossed that sucka in the trash. To think my wife told the waiter at the restaurant we didn’t need dessert cuz we had dessert at home. I knew I should’ve ordered some cheesecake or somethin’ sweet while we were there. Oh well. Such is life.

Let me Google to see where this crazy tradition originated. I need to know where this foolishness started and by whom.

Peace & Love…

G. Mo

4 thoughts on “Wedding Cake… 365 Days Later”

  1. I did the exact same thing…I might have even frown my nose up at it and ditched it without tasting it.
    Good thing you followed thru on tradition…’cause I am going on 9 years of separation…lol

    Happy Anniversary…

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