When you care enough…

…to send the very best. That’s the slogan for Hallmark right there and it’s kind of fitting for this situation. Plus, my man Ace told me that this picture looks like it belongs on a greeting card.


My baby niece was involved in an accident a few weeks ago. While playing around on the bed she lost her balance and fell head first (more like mouth first) into the window sill. The result of that tumble was a trip to the ER where she was treated for the loss of several teeth and a fractured gumline along the top of her mouth. Now, you know when I got word that Saturday afternoon that she had been injured, my heart kind of just felt knots in it. All three of my nieces are my darlings and I don’t ever want to think about them going through any sort of pain like that. Anyway, I made sure to check up on her on back to back days after the accident to make sure she was okay. The afternoon following the accident, she just slept a good deal. When my sister brought her downstairs, I just cradled her in my arms and sat on the couch as she slept. Next thing I knew, I was waking up myself. When she finally awoke, she wasn’t really herself. For a child who loves taking pictures, it seemed clear that she felt unpretty. I asked her if she wanted to take a picture for the camera and she kindly said “No thank you”. It was so cute the way she said it, but sort of mad me sad too. It was quite obvious that she was in a lot of pain.


The next day she saw a specialist and they had to pull another tooth that had been pushed back during the accident. As soon as I got off work that afternoon, I rushed to the house. The little girl I saw there was sort of reserved and wasn’t talking at all. She basically would hum answers to everything or just shake her head. I brought some ice cream over hoping that it might inspire her to feel better or maybe even soothe her mouth a little bit. Both Ma and my sis said that she hadn’t said anything since leaving the doctor’s office. But they don’t have that magic that Uncle G has. Wouldn’t you know it, after about 15 minutes of me being there she began talking. It was almost like she had never been silent at all the way she picked back up when you would’ve thought she left off. The vibrant, happy go lucky lil’ girl came to life again. It made me happy to see her smile and just being herself. I guess those Strawberry Shortcake bars really did work magic huh?

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There’s just a certain joy that I get from being there for my lil’ angels. I sometimes have bad days and if I see them I’ll forget about it. On days when I can’t see them, I’ll call. They always find a way to inspire me and help me realize to not sweat the small stuff. Whatever it is or whoever it is that brings you that joy, make sure to find it/them on days when you’re feeling your worst. You’ll be happy that you did.


G. Mo

6 thoughts on “When you care enough…”

  1. That is a nice pic of you two sleeping. It’s so adorable.

    My 2 yr old son gives me that certain joy. Just yesterday, I had a bad day at work and when I walked into his daycare to pick him up, he smiled and said in his baby voice “hi mama”. That made my day.

  2. truly insprational G…it is those things in life, like family and friends (loved ones) that make the world go round…you know, that’s what really matters…

    i am smiling right now because its important to see this side of people…

    the first pic with you and her is absolutely beautiful…the spirit of you two man…you can tell there is a special kind of bond…

    my nephews get to my heart like that too, so i truly understand….

    i am glad she is doing better

  3. wow! this post made my heart sing! G, you are one hell of a man and truly an inspiration to your gender. agreed, that the first photo should be used for a Father’s Day greeting card. your influence on your neice speaks volumes and is a profound testimony to how she regards you. you’ll forever be the Gold Standard for her and never doubt of forget i said that cause it’s the God’s honest truth.

    i wish my daughter’s father was even a quarter of the man you are because for as much as he’s in her life; he’s still not completely there and it kills me.

    back to the positive; when you become a father, your nieces will return in kind to your children what you’ve done and been for them.

  4. G.. that photo is one to cherish.. I pray that you have all boys when you and the wife finally start your own clan.. because if your daughter has to battle with them it will get ugly LOL 🙂

    you are a special man G.. glad I got to know you!

  5. You are a good uncle!!!! So sorry to hear about that accident. I hate when kids get hurt. And she is aboslutley precious. Love the pictures.

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