Where do you put your ketchup?

*this entry was inspired by my fiancée who hates cold ketchup*


Where do you put your ketchup…
…in the cabinet or the fridge???

ketchup: fridge
hot sauce: either or, it doesn’t matter
mustard: fridge
A-1 or other steak sauce: fridge
BBQ sauce: fridge
syrup: cabinet
jelly: fridge
peanut butter: cabinet

When it somes to my food I must have these name brands…
(go ahead and name ’em if you’re picky like I am)

Ketchup – Heinz
Orange Juice – Tropicana
Peanut Butter – Jif
Cola – Pepsi
Ice Cream – Turkey Hill or Edy’s (I hate Breyer’s!!!!)
Potato Chips – whatever is on sale
Hot Dogs – Sabrett or Hebrew National
Yogurt – Yoplait or Breyer’s
Salsa – no preference
Hot Sauce – no preference
BBQ Sauce – Kraft
Mayonnaise – don’t use
Salad Dressing – Kraft or Newman’s Own
Pickles – Vlasic
Beans – Bush’s
Crackers – Ritz
Cookies – Pillsbury Cookie Dough
Cold Cereal – Generally, Kellogg’s
Hot Cereal – Cream of Wheat
Cake Mix – Pillsbury

Here’s a few more abstract food questions that popped in my head as I was writing this

Eggs: Scrambled or Fried, hard Boiled or omelette? Omelette
Orange juice: Pulp or no pulp? Pulp
Milk: What kind? 2%
Chicken: White or dark meat? White
Bread: Whole wheat, white, potato, or something else? Potato bread
Rice: Brown or white rice? White rice
Corn: Frozen, Canned or corn on the cob? On the cob
Leftover pizza: Cold or heated up in the microwave? (Oven and toaster oven is not an option) I actually put it in the microwave first, then in the oven to allow the crust to harden.
Butter or margarine? Margarine
Little Debbie or Hostess? Little Debbie
Granola bars or fitness bars? Granola
Powerade or Gatorade? Powerade
Apple juice or apple cider? Cider
Baked, mashed, fried, scalloped, or au gratin potatoes? Baked
Green, red or purple grapes? Red
Peaches or nectarines? Nectarines
Jam, Jelly or preserves? Preserves
Cool Whip or whipped cream? Cool Whip

Any food allergies?

Shellfish, however I do play Russian Roulette and eat a few shrimp or crab cakes on occasion. I’ve only been to the ER twice and that was after eating crabs or seafood salad. I break out real bad and have trouble breathing. So far the only effects from the shrimp or crab cakes has been a swollen bottom lip that went away after a dose of Benadryl.

Go ahead and share your preferences and/or your opinion of my selections.


G. Mo

7 thoughts on “Where do you put your ketchup?”

  1. ketchup should NOT be refrigerated…EVER!!!

    the other items i either dont care of their instructions for their preservation is listed on the container.

    the list is long and to address each one would have your comments packed, so i’ll rest this this…BUTTER…NOT REFRIGERATED unless it’s not currently in use. I’m English what the heck else do you think i’d do…lol!

  2. Im feeling this GMo, i might hafta jack this from out’chu. LOL….See I can be complex at times, I like my jelly cold if its on a PB and J sandwich, but I want it warm if its going on toast….

  3. THis made me think……i have the steak sauce, the hot sauce on the shelf….my mayo,mustard, in the fridge..i dont use ketchup but if i get condiments i put them on the shelf. I dont care if my water is in the fridge or on the floor. But i prefer Gatorade to Powerade. I also prefer Fiji and Poland SPrings to any other water out there. Minute Maid juices are the bomb!@!!!!
    As for chips i prefer Lays or Lutz(is that right)….but i also like Spicier Nachos by Doritos. BBQ

    Sodas-either COke or Pepsi but I prefer Pepsi and it has to be in a cAN i dont like BOTTLED SOdas…..and if its a fountain soda it has to be DR PEPPER….and i hafta drink it with a STRAW

    COronas over Heinekens any day!!!!!

  4. Ummmmmm….this is interesting…
    Ketchup once opened in the fridge, hotsauce, mustard, mayo, steak sauce, once opened in the fridge…

    Miller Light or a Heineken…NO Corona for me…

    No lactose (dairy) for me, I will get sick as a dog…LOL

  5. I’m with your fiancee and BluJewel – I hate cold ketchup. Cold ketchup on hot food disgusts me. Must be Heinz.

    All condiments (except Strawberry Jelly and Mayonnaise) are on the shelf.

    Butter – Land O Lakes; Mayonnaise – Hellmanns; Hot Dogs – Nathans or Hebrew National

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