Work Snacks

Aiiiight… I’m really bored. I asked myself “Do I got one more day without an entry or do I blog about something just to pass the time”. Well, here’s the answer. I did a quick inventory of what foods I have in my office, at my desk and in the cabinet around my desk and came up with all of this. My office looks like a 7-Eleven at times… if you open the cabinet next to my desk right now you’ll find:

(does quick look)

-a pack of Craisins
-5 bottles of Vitamin Water
-a Kit Kat
-2 packs of microwave popcorn
-3 V8’s
-pack of freeze dried strawberries
-2 granola bars
-3 cans of fruit cocktail
-2 tins of Altoids
-6 packets of Crystal Light powder
-box of cashews
-box of smoked almonds
-2 small packs of Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce
-bottle of Lemon-Ginger Echinacea juice
-can of Campbell’s soup
-bottle of Trader Joe’s Mojito beverage

Don’t even ask me what I got in the fridge/freezer up in here…. I got enough to survive a week at least.

So folks… what snacks do YOU have in your office and at your desk at the workplace. I’m talking about stuff that strictly belongs to you.

3 thoughts on “Work Snacks”

  1. Nothing. My office is known to having mice. Once I left a package of crackers in my top drawer. Mice left nothing but crumbs.

  2. Hmmm…

    A bottle of syrup
    Box of Fruity Pebbles
    A little can of salmon
    Bag of unsalted sunflower seeds
    Pack of oatmeal
    Bag of condiments (S&P, ketchup, mustard, mayo, various Red, Hot & Blue sauces)
    Several varieties of tea.
    Diet Coke
    Can of French vanilla instant coffee

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