Writer’s Block

It’s kinda funny cuz I have so many things that I wanna talk about, yet I can’t seem to focus on one thing. I’ve already created entries in my head where I’m talking about a number of things. However each time I start writing, I end up discussing something else. Part of me wants to talk about the upcoming football season. With the kickoff a week away, I have a ton of things to talk about with relation to teams, players and expectations. For some reason I’ve been thinking about a lot of old school stuff. Ya know, even back to elementary school. Things like: the first school play I was in, the
first movie I ever saw in the theatre, my favorite wrestlers, the items of clothing from the past that I refuse to part with, my favorite old 80’s commercials, some of the side hustles that I had a kid and so much more. I can write enough on each of those subjects to keep this straight for another month at least. Then I have more personal things that I wanna talk about, but then again I don’t wanna talk about. Enough said on that.

I dunno, I just can’t seem to really give all of my energy to one subject right now. Yet, I’m able to create an entry talking about how I can’t focus right? That just makes no sense at all… then again, maybe it does. Oh well… it’s lunchtime and I’m about to step out of the office. Now where should I do? That raises another debate. Which fast food restaurant has the best $1 menu? I could even blog on that… ha ha. Oh well… I think I’m going to Wendy’s for a chicken sammich. I’m tryna cut back on the red meat, so as much as I want a burger, I’ll resist the temptation… for now. But if someone is having a Labor Day cookout with burgers and steaks, I’m gonna end up slippin’.

One thought on “Writer’s Block”

  1. I get like that sometimes…

    when I have so much I want to say but I can’t seem to focus in on one thing in particular to write about.

    I haven’t had that problem lately tho!

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