Yellow Cake w/Chocolate Icing

There’s this piece of yellow cake with chocolate icing that’s sitting on my desk right now. This morning I cut it from a sheet cake that was sitting on my dining room table. I placed it into a plastic container in hopes of eating it for my lunch today. Now here’s the problem. Last night… okay this morning around 1am, I had a slice of cake with a tall glass of milk. In fact since Saturday I’ve been cutting pieces from this large sheet cake and indulging in sugar. Yesterday was the only day this week that I didn’t eat any cake at all. I had a slice on Saturday night. I had a slice on Sunday while watching football. On Monday I took a slice to work and then had some for dinner when I got home. Tuesday was an exact repeat of Monday. After doing that complex math, I’ve indulged in 7 pieces of cake. Now of course that’s all relative to the size of the slices. So being honest with myself, it’s been more like 10 slices of cake in a 5 day span.

What the hell is wrong with me???? I mean, the cake is good and all but it’s like I can’t stop eating it. What’s ever crazier is that chocolate gives me migraine headaches. I’ve know this since I was a teenager. So not only have I been stacking calories, I’ve been torturing myself by inducing headaches. Furthermore, I’ve done no exercise at all this week. I mean nothing! I could’ve gone to the gym, but I didn’t. I had the opportunity to run ball at the rec with the fellas, but I didn’t go. I’m scared to even walk past the scale in my bathroom. I feel like I’ve gained 10 lbs in less than a week. I think I feel better about eating all this sugar because my other meals have been light. I’ve had no red meat at all and mostly chicken and vegetarian meat. I’ve been eating a lot of green vegetables and drinking more and more water and ‘healthy drinks’. Hey, I’m having a Caesar salad for lunch, that’s a good counter balance right? Maybe the Noni juice I drink twice a day will eat the calories away. Wishful thinking huh?

The sad thing is that the sheet cake is still sitting on my table and I have to look at it when I go home this evening. Once again I’ll ask myself if I should just get one more piece. Just one more won’t hurt right? I suppose that ‘one more’ is sitting on my desk right now. No matter how bad I’m feeling about my lack of self control with regards to sugar, I can’t just toss this slice in the trash can. It looks and tastes sooooo good. I promise that I won’t eat anymore cake after this aiiiight? At least not this week….

(pic posted 3 1/2 hours after original blog this morning… I LOST!)

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  1. Furthermore, I’ve done no exercise at all this week. I mean nothing! I could’ve gone to the gym, but I didn’t.

    Nodding my head, ME TOO!!!

    The sad thing is that the sheet cake is still sitting on my table and I have to look at it when I go home this evening.

    Step away from the cake Mister! You’ve sampled enough, LOL…

    I dare you to throw that piece of cake away, and not eat another piece for the next (3) days!

  2. lmao@this entry. it sounds too much like the thoughts in my mind. see, you gotta give someone the cake, dude. i know my weaknesses and yellow cake with chocolate icing? damn near at the top of that list o’weaknesses. i gave most of my birthday cake to friends and made sure i didn’t come home with anything.

    maybe you got a neighbor with a sweet tooth.

  3. My strategy when I end up with cake or cookies in the house is to bring it to my office….these vultures will eat ANYTHING. Especially around 3pm.

  4. Well, it depends on who made the cake, GMo. If your wife made the cake, then by all means, go ahead and indulge; show her some appreciation for her good baking skills. If someone else (not really close to you) made the cake, then by all means: put the fork down and move away from the cake, LOL!

    But I understand totally about the sugar, though. Since I stopped having unnecessary sugar in my daily life, I’ve gone completely mad. But at the same time, I have lost 15 pounds recently just from cutting out the sugar. I guess that’s a good trade off.

    Crack the whip and get back on the treadmill, GMo… LOL!

  5. LMAO!! This shyt was hilarious…why? Because now I don’t feel as bad. I’m in 2 weddings this weekend (one in Richmond on Friday and then another back here in ATL on Sunday) so last Friday something tells me to try on my bridesmaids dresses just to make sure everything is still a-ok….ummmmmmmmm NOT!! Bridesmaids dress #1 is a wrap…no way shape or form could I get that zipper up past my sides without ripping the dress and my skin. My brother even attemtped to help me and ended up saying “Dawg (he’s a Que so everyone is Dawg to him LOL)…Dawg, this just ain’t going up…your done!” That lead me to think that I could work out every morning and limit myself to one meal a day for the next 7 days. I haven’t worked out once, I’ve eaten like a pig since…and 3 days away and the dress still doesn’t fit. I’m afraid to tell the bride *shrug* so perhaps I’ll have to drap a towel around myself to hide the fact that my whole left side will be completely exposed…*sigh*

    I say all that to say…at least you don’t have to fit into my dress LOL!! Oh and I’m alergic to chocolate…too bad I’m not allergic to food LOL!!

  6. Fall is here and I’ve had to pull out my warm clothes… dang, this stuff fit last year… the clothes must have shrunk…must-have!
    I never win the battle… so we are in the same boat…

  7. I hate that my departmet celebrates everyone’s birthday with cake. Then you are “pressured” to be political and go and “celebrate” by eating eat.

    People! There is a sucka born every freaking month…I am fat because of office birthdays…

    It is all their fault.

    *I solved it all*

  8. lol!! You are so silly!! I can relate. When there’s some good, I mean GOOD cake just sitting around in your house, it starts calling your name every time you look at it. “eat me…EAT ME!!” lol. That’s why I try hard not to buy cake, especially my favorite kind of cake- German Chocolate cake. I can’t resist that!

    But yeah…you better watch out now before you gain and have to pay for it in the gym!

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