Maaaaaaaaaan… I’ve never had so much sleep in my life. Between laying up in the bed, watchin’ TV and doing things online, my life has been very unexciting. I did try to watch a few movies, but every single time I got a lil’ bit comfotable in the bed, I ended up asleep again. I’ve been outside all of 3 times since I’ve gotten outta the hospital. It is jive like cold out there, but having cabin fever is like torture. I’m sitting here contemplating what I’m gonna do tonight and then I look down at these scars on my stomach that still haven’t healed all the way and I realize that I’ll probably be right up in this joint. I love ESPN, but I’ve seen enough sports news and NFL Primetime to drive myself crazy. As I glance towards the TV, I realize that Judge Mathis is back on AGAIN!!!! I mean…this is ridiculous. I haven’t even eaten much of anything today… a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and some yogurt. I dunno… don’t have much of an apetite. I guess I’ll just sit back and watch the NBA games on the tube tonight and maybe eat a few snacks. I sure hope that tomorrow will bring a lil’ bit more excitement than my entire week has been…

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