Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Like Minds Think Alike

It was Valentine's morning around 8am and I was sitting on the edge of the bed. I opened the greeting card my wife had left for me and immediately began to laugh. Now, she had already left for work and thus was unable to enjoy seeing the display of joy on my face at that very moment. I looked over to where I had left her card on the pillow and it was still there. I wasn't sure if she forgot to open it or to take it with her as she dashed from the house that morning. Nevertheless, I figured she'd just read hers when she got home from work.

I had placed it in my briefcase before I had left the house. Once I got to the office and I just had to say something to they guys in the office about my card. Once I told them, they all laughed at the story I had told, but were impressed by the card that I had received. All day long I just smiled inside and kinda shook my head on occasion as I reflected upon that morning. My wife and I emailed each other a number of times throughout the day, but I made no mention of the card at all.

Fast forward to later that evening. I got home before her, which is generally the case. What can I say, she does tend to work longer hours than I do.... but I work much much harder with the hours I am in the office... lol. Anyway, she got home and I sat down on my side of the bed and she sat on her side. I had placed my card back into the envelope as though I hadn't opened it. It was easy cuz she doesn't seal envelopes like I do, only folds the lip inside. So I sat there and watched her open her card and waited for her response. Almost immediately she began to laugh just as I had earlier that morning. She looked at me. I looked at her and said nothing. She hadn't realized that I had already opened mine and knew that we had got each other the exact same card. So I glanced over to her and took my card out again and said "I already know... I opened mine this morning. I put it back in the envelope just for the effect. Well, at least I know we're on the same page". We both laughed and shook our heads at what had occurred. We exchanged stories about how we both had a number of different cards in the store while shopping, but somehow ended up with the same exact card. Note, I have not a clue as to when and where she got hers from. It wasn't like we were in the store together now folks.

Anyway, a lot of cards hardly express true feelings when you read them. However the words in the card we got for one another were quite powerful and obviously brought out similar emotions. I tried to find an exact replica of the card online, but it doesn't exist. So I'll just share the words that were written...

I've Learned So Much From Loving You

Loving you has taught me
a thing or two-
that life can be
free and easy,
tough and complicated,
a smooth ride,
or a long hard climb...

I've learned that
the face I love
can smile a mile wide
and fill my day with sheer delight...
that the voice I love
can sweeten the night
with one whisper in my ear...

Yet that same face, that voice
can tell me things
that are hard to hear
about myself-
things I'd never thought of,
even things that put me in my place...

The real-life meaning of love-
the good, the bad,
the beautiful, the true-
I've learned all this and more
from loving you

One more thing. We attended a Valentine's Sweetheart Dinner on Saturday night at the church and it was real nice. Good fellowship with other couples and an all around good time. During one of the games that were played that evening, we were asked to name one thing in our house that we want to throw away. It could've been anything that belonged to ourselves or that of our partner. We had to write the answer on a small note card. Most couples that read theirs had answers like old furniture or electronics. Come around to our table and we flipped the script. Keep in mind that we both guarded our answers until it was time to disclose them. My answer: my wife's Redskins sun visor. Her answer: my Cowboys stuff. Ha ha.... I love that woman I tell ya...

I'm outta here...


G. Mo

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

4 Wing, Mumbo Sau, Fry, Sal, Pepa, Ketcha

(click pics to see the enlarged goodness... don't be scared )

For those of you who aren't natives of the DC area or familiar with our carry-out restaurants, let me clarify it for you. That's 4 chicken wings with mumbo sauce, a side order of French fries topped with salt, pepper and ketchup. If you've never had the opportunity to have wings laced with mumbo sauce, then you're missin' out!!! First of all, it's probably one of the most economical meals you're ever gonna have. That combo cost only about 3 single $1 bills and 3 quarters. Take one chicken wing off and it's about three dollars. Add another wing and it's about fo fiddy. Now, you're probably asking "What the hell is mumbo sauce?" and the answer is "I can't tell ya"... but it's good!!!!! To me it's like a combination of ketchup, sweet & sour sauce & duck sauce. It's tangy and sweet and is slammin' on some wings. Best believe that I get extra small cups to take to the crib for those special occasions. Fry up some chicken fingers or nuggets and dip em right in the sauce. The taste of mumbo sauce is somewhat close to Chick-fil-A's Polynesian Sauce. Close, but still quite far away. Ask around and ere'body has a different opinion of what exactly makes up mumbo sauce. Yeah, I wish I could find a recipe to make it, but whatever. I'll continue to eat it until...

Now each person will tell you that their favorite carry-out has the best sauce. NW DC has their spots. NE DC has their spots. SE DC has theirs too. I dunno about SW DC, not too many carry-outs around the Capitol Hill area. I spent most of my time on Georgia Avenue aka Uptown, so that's where I go. Andy's is my spot. Yes indeed. Their sauce is like dat!!!! So, on my way home one night recently, I made my occasional stop on the avenue. With the quickness I placed my order and within seconds I heard the lady in the back holler back "4 Wing, Mumbo Sau, Fry, Sal, Pepa, Ketcha" and I nodded my head. But hold fast, no order from the carry-out is complete without a 20oz Rock Creek soda. So I glanced over the selection. Did I want the pineapple, the grape or the peach? I went ahead and copped me a peach soda. Yesssiree bob. Rock Creek sodas are like the founding soda manufacturer for all carry-outs. Leaving without one is just impossible. So I sat around for a few minutes and rapped to the fellas in the spot. I eventually got my order and rolled out.

That drive home was difficult. It's been a while since I took it back to old school and got that combo. I used to get it on the regular when I was in HS. I didn't go to school in DC, but where I was in MD wasn't far away from Uptown. MD carry-outs have the fake me out mumbo sauce. It just isn't the same. So I was always forced to go to the District to get it. I now live like 40 minutes away from the carry-out and the smell was killin' me as I drove home. Seriously I wanted to rip the bag open and straight devour those wings and fries. But I didn't wanna try to eat and drive at the same time though. Hell, I just got out of an accident. Didn't wanna cause one by Driving While Black. I finally got to the crib and you know what I did right? Nope... not that. I ran upstairs to the bedroom and grabbed my camera to capture the moment. Took a few pics and then got to eatin'. Yeah, I know... crazy. I can't help it. For some reason I take tons of pics of food. Maybe there's some kinda therapy for that. Gotta follow-up on that one. I'm gone...

Oh yeah... for those who have had the pleasure of partaking in wings and mumbo sauce, what do think? Love it, just okay to you or just hate it? What would you say the sauce is a mixture of? If you got a good recipe, I'm willing to be the guinea pig... but only with one chicken wing. Can't be wasting the good wings on some lackluster sauce. I'm gone fa real this time...


G. Mo

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Shameless Plug: Chris Rock tix

I might be on injured reserve, but I'm still hustlin' y'all. On many occasions, I get a nice lil' hook-up on games and concert tix. Well, not really on occasion cuz I suppose with regards to what I get, it's quite regular. It's more occasional that I actually pass along the good deals I get. Anyway, enough of the rhetoric. I got a handful of tix for Chris Rock's Saturday night show in DC. All the seats are box seats, no orchestra or tier seats. Not saying that I can't get whatever you want, but I have box seats in hand. Plus, box seats are much better anyway. You got a decent amount of leg room and plenty of space to move around. Plus, aside from an excellent view of the stage it gives you a nice view of all the bammas in house. This allows you to partake in your own clowning of those severely over-dressed folks, mismatch couples, 'interesting' hair styles, etc.

Chris Rock
DAR Constitution Hall
Saturday April 19th at 7:30pm

DAR Constitution Hall Seating Diagram (click to view)

Keep in mind that this show is sold out! Yeah, they might continue to add more shows, but you can take your chances with that if you like. Face value on the tickets ranges up to $75 depending upon the box you're in. All my box seat tickets are located between boxes 1-24, all quite close... nothing further back Now, I hope you don't expect me to actually sell the tickets for the same exact prices as Ticketmaster did... do you? C'mon now, I'm a hustla. This is my second job and I've got bills to pay too! However, if you're interested feel free to shoot me an email or call 202-609-8607.


G. Mo